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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by frank's lawncare, Jan 4, 2004.

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    I was just wondering on how everyone who installs irrigation systems learned how to do this kind of i know you just cant buy a system and read the directions and just slap it i am a small time landscaper out of PA. and i was intrested in getting into this feild to specialize in and wanted to see if there is a school out there to learn this type of work.also i have noticed that in my ares which has tons of work and its landscapers if i founf that there are only 2-4 people listed in the yellow pages that do this type of work. is there a market out there for this type of work or is it that hard to???????????????

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    In Texas you need to be licensed to install for others (homeowners can do their own without license). You are required to take a 40 hour basic irrigators course prior to taking the state exam.
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    well thanks Rob i should find out if i need a license in my state thanks again.
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    The Jess Stryker Irrigation Tutorial site (link above) is a very good start. I love that site.

    After reading that, however, you really need to move on to the books, "Cross Connection Control Manual - 6th Edition (330062) PNS-AWWA" and "Landscape Irrigation Design Manual (Rainbird, 1998 version)" Both excellent books.

    After reading all of this, you should have a pretty good knowledge of backflow and irrigation system design. The rest will just come from actual experience. I suggest hiring someone who's been working as an irrigation tech. at another licensed company to help you through some of your first installs. Your knowledge (after reading the above) will likely be better than the worker's. But his hands-on experience will fill in the gaps in places you're lacking.
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    I am in the same position in trying to get licensed in RI. They require 3 years experience in the field under a licenced RI contractor before you can take the exam. 2 miles down the road in MA, there is no such thing as an irrigators license. MA is my primary territory until I am able to get the RI exam which I dont really know how its going to happen. The contractyor which I learned the basics from is not licended in RI either

    I have pretty much disaplined myself to learn the industry myslef and all the fundamentals of how to design a system. I have found many contractors in my area to do very little design and specs outs before installing a system. This has discouraged me from ever working for such a company and learning the 'bad" ways of doing it to inspiring me to doing my own thing. I have been fortunate to know some close people in the home building field who have given me some projects that I can take my time and design correctly. I have been pretty succesful so far and am now ready to branch out

    I believe that studing alot of plumbing codes, hydraulics, and low voltage electrical are the core areas.

    Good luck to all you new starter!

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