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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Stuckwithit, Jul 13, 2006.

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    I had a an irrigation desighn done by John Deer landscapes and he quoted me out at $2300 in material, and told me to charge at least 9k for the job. I went through everything with equipment and labor and thought $8300 was fair. It is a new client who has an 4000 sq ft home and wants more landscaping next year, so i want to give him a good deal. any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
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    More info would be needed - how many zones are you putting in, what kind of soil, trench or plow, pvc or poly, pump or city water, new or existing lawn, driveways or sidewalks to blow under, etc.

    No two systems are the same, and the installation practices vary from region to region. I might be able to put in a 6 zone system in a brand new home with no grass using city water already plumbed out and no drives/sidewalks to worry about and plow it in for $3000. Other guys might put in the same 6 zones system with different soil and existing grass with tree roots using the well and a 30' driveway and 5 sidewalks and trenching but have to charge $6000-$8000. Too many variables.

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