Irrigation Redesigning for better coverage

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    I just finished completely redesigning the first of six zones at an HOA I haven't been to in 25 years. The original layout was obviously brass full circle Rain Jets dating from the early 70s (and thankfully standard poly-not Rain Jet odd sizes piping). The last time I was there (1993) it was still mostly Rain Jets of which I had a small stock remaining for matching repairs.

    Fast forward 25 years and every bozo, landscaper, handyman et al stuck their fingers into "fixing" this system and does it ever show. The 31 full circle Rain Jets were replaced (in their same locations) with the following:

    (8) Toro 570 w/15' full nozzles

    (8) RB 5004 PC with the pre-installed orange 2.0 nozzles crank adjusted to "full"

    (5) 1" brass Buckner mist sprays w/brass stationary stream nozzles (where did they find these?)

    (4) Hunter PGPs (yup-the leaky ones!)

    (3) MP rotaries

    (2) Home Depot Toro rotors-the ones only a homeowner would buy

    There was exactly one remaining large diameter 6.5 GPM Rain Jet on the zone-working as new.

    Four hours, 35 RB 5000 PRS rotors and a complete new layout and the zone in question looks brand new-and no longer hits the roadway or the buildings.

    This was the worst of the zones and all they had in this year's budget to get done. They already signed up for the same deal on the next two worst zones for 2019.

    There is a huge market just begging for making these old systems work more efficiently. Homes, businesses, HOAs and commercial buildings are out there-let's hear some stories!
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    I remember seeing systems with nothing but full circle Rain Jet heads. Overspray everywhere. But it was gentle low-angle-trajectory overspray, so they kind of got away with it. :dizzy:
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    Big drops also so wind wasn't so much of an issue.
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    At the time probably one of the most expensive houses in my town. Dr. I knew had been fighting dead grass areas and fungus (or so he was told and sold expensive fungicide treatments), this was by the person who installed the sprinkler system. At some point I was called to see what I could figure out. Hooked up the RM remote and after turning on a few zones and 5 minutes had it figured out. The "fungus" was due to the heads being installed too low and the water stream that was close the head was never getting out from the deep hole it was in. So there was a dead ring around each head. Other areas just poor design, there were areas where they had "choked the chicken" to cover a smaller area instead of using heads that threw the right distance with head to head coverage. Wasn't easy fixes though since the soil was clay/rocky. $3000 later problems fixed and I'm a hero ever since. Still treat the lawn and service the system.
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