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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Instant Rain, Apr 12, 2005.

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    I'm starting to get tired of all the lawn cutting or "landscape" companies out there that throw in sprinklers as a trivial side service that they offer. In Texas it is in the business of landscape irrigation be licensed with few exceptions.but it seems everywhere i go i see a car with a magnetic sign on the side saying "Garcia's total lawn-care, mowing landscaping and sprinklers." a trailer full of mowers weed eaters and blowers, but not even a single stick of 1/2" pipe, much less a license number anywhere in sight. another one is the guy that advertises in the local phone book without giving a license number. Maybe they subcontract these services, but i don't think so.
    Pest control, cement and pool contractors doing damage to systems on a large scale then just repairing it on their own, usually those repairs don't last very long. Is this technically offering irrigation services to the general public? I think it is. They are charging them for a service, and if part of that service includes repairing irrigation they broke, they should have a license or subcontract.
    I never hear about people or companies being busted for any of this.
    Where is the line between subcontracting and just letting out the use of a license number for anyone who wants to throw in sprinklers real quick. It would be nice if TCEQ or an irrigation association posted it anytime somebody got fined for these things. Is any one else annoyed as I am or is it just me?
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    Hey Instant Rain-------

    The HGCIA (local irrigation assoc. Houston) and TTIA (state irrigation assoc.) have teamed up to help TCEQ with enforcement. Get any information you can i.e. company name, phone #, addresses of co. or where illegal work is being done. Can also report those who advertise, but with no LI # listed.

    Report to 1-866-848-8842 state wide for Texas! This lady (the one who answers the phone) is ready and willing to kick some butt! This is a new enforcement committee of TTIA. She will first try contacting the violators, to advise them, to try to bring into compliance. If that is not succesful, then a complaint/report goes to TCEQ. So.......start calling.

    See ya-----kerdog
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    Welcome to irrigation in Texas. That has been the norm since the irrigation licensing act was enacted in the 70's. Too many "irrigation wizards" and not enough enforcement personnel.

    How do you police the 'evil-doers' ?? Years ago in the Hill Country around Kerrville I used to help the 'non-licensed irrigators' out by calling the city plumbing dept and letting them know that "This is "So&So Sprinkler Co" and we are ready for a final inspection at this address." It is amazing how quick they will send out an inspector to see why someone wants an inspection on a property that doesn't have a permit pulled.

    Encourage customers to file complaints with the TCEQ if there is an obvious violation. They will investigate more readily if the complaint is filed by a consumer rather than an industry professional. Something about 'sour grapes' and losing a bid to another irrigator.

    Just keep doing your business properly and the rest will sort themselves out. Many will be gone in less than three years, licensed or not. The attrition rate in this industry is pretty high. That's why there are approximately 4000 active irrigation licenses in Texas yet the license numbers are up around #16000. And last I heard TX Lic Irrigator #2 is still stomping around Dallas area. Wm. Kleine was #1 and Hank Alford was #3. Folks drop out after they find out it isn't as easy or as lucrative as they first thought.

    I seem to remember that there used to be a list of fines levied. The old original Tx Irrigator's Board used to publish the findings of actions including the fine if any.

    Jerry R.
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    It sucks and it's wrong, but don't complain to loud. I don't remember my TLI#, I moved north about 8 years ago. I will tell you that I miss having even the fabric of legislation you have in TX. At least you do have laws and rules that can be enforced. It was set up to be self policing. They never envisioned the explosion of the service industry we have now. Enforcement and compliance will come. Have faith and drop that dime from time to time. Those who aren't licensed can surely afford a fine or two, think of all the money they have saved. I remember thinking what a crock it was they made me buy my seal......but it's still around here somewhere and I wish it was necessary to have one now here in Kansas.

    BTW, anyone in the DFW area - if you run into "A New Deal", tell Jay and Bob, Bryan H. Said "Hi"
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    Nice to know that I'm not the only one annoyed by this. I know that most people who are doing these things will be out as fast as they started but i also have the strong feeling they will be replaced by more of the same and I think it is giving our industry a bad rep. Also my Dad worked for Bob and Jay in the old Perfect Rain days. I remember when crawling through some of the pipes at the jobs my dad worked at when I was a kid. I will pass your message along.

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