Irrigation Repair laws in California


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Hey Fellas,

Just moved over to California from Texas and saw they don't really have a LI license like they do in Texas. I got a job in a different industry and was looking at knocking out some irrigation repairs over the weekend or my days off. Do I need any type of license if my repairs are all probably going to be under $500 or is that just considered gig work? Like I said Im not looking to repair here full time but mainly as a hobby really. Also will there be any trouble if someone asks for any type of license? Thanks in advance!


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So. Cal.
If you are going to do work in an amount greater than $500 than you need a contractors license with a C27 classification. There aren't any other licensing requirements for basic repairs when it comes to irrigation.
Just to add on, local ordinances come into play. Very rarely, permits need to be pulled. Also, knowing when you have to upgrade something to bring into code compliance.

Some places, anytime you need to shut water down from curb stop, you need to have the municipal come and do it and pay a fee. If you break the curb stop, can be a major fine.

You will find this situation pop up quite a bit because some half ass fly by nighter installed an irrigation system without an isolation valve, or will see whole developments (weston ranch, stockton CA, Terrace in Manteca, CA) where the STUPID code enforcement don't enforce CA law. "Well the architect/contractor is supposed to know the law" when i confronted my hometown code enforcement about this when doing work at my ex-wife's house, helping out my son to help his mother.

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