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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Sierra9093, Sep 30, 2013.

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    if this was me, and bear in mind im not realling looking at your drawing, i would just pick a lane down the front that offers the least disturbance, and rip a new supply line, 2" or 3" or whatever, and then fix it all after. tie all of the valves into this new main and run it off a new tap that will supply the amount of volume needed. dont make it harder than it needs to. and at the same time express to the HOA that there is going to be a substantial impact to the landscape.

    and not to be a prick, but from you line of questioning, it seems you might be in a little over your head on this one, is there someone in your area with a little more experience that you could call to consult or sub out to?
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    I still think directional boring might be the answer. It's not that expensive per foot and little to no damage. You would be surprised on how accurate they can put the exits.
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    Where are the domestic meters located?
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  4. Sierra9093

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    Without A Doubt; You are not being a prick. Is this over my head? Ahh, yeah! Why else would I be bouncing this around on a bulletin board, 7 months before this project is even to start? I have to come up with something or risk losing this account. I know that I will have to sub-contract most out this out, but I need to have a plan of the direction I want to go and PLUS I have to figure out a way to bring a SC on board without getting this account jacked by them. Your advice has been really solid, and I want to give my customers the very best, so keep em coming. Oh, by the way this complex fronts on two streets, so I need to run two main lines. One on each street.

    Irritation; I really line this directional drilling idea and hope to look into it. Thanks!

    1idejim; The domestic meters are located in the residents basements for the most part.

    Kiril; "You are already opening a barrel of monkeys laying new mains", true, but why open up two? Still I see you point, not to run them now, and to have to run them later is a headache to be avoided. What's your experience pal, if you don't mind me asking?

    Without A Doubt; Don't mind me asking, what your experience too?

    Thanks again guys, and have a good evening!
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    Since when is a HOA on board with spending lots of money unnecessarily? If the existing systems function properly, the only necessary thing to do is get them separately metered. That's it. No more.
  6. 1idejim

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  7. Sierra9093

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    Wet_Boots, the problem is that the residents have to be bothered and they don't like it, PLUS its on their meters, and they really don't like that. Even if it was off their meters, the shutoffs are in their basements, and I have had this account for about three years and it is a real hassle for them mostly to go through the rigamarole of opening and closing the system every year. It's a condo and people who live in condos do not want to be bothered with anything, be it cutting grass, fixing a roof or fooling with a sprinkler system. And I don't blame the because this is what they pay a premium for and they deserve it.

    Had I designed it, my first choice would have been a separate utility building. My second choice would have been individual systems for each household. I never would have signed off on a arrangement where 3 household share the same system, with the bill going to one household to be sorted out later. Who couldn't see that train coming down the track? Its crazy to me. I have seen and cleaned up after this guys work before. It's one of the largest companies in this area, so what were they smoking when they put this thing together?

    Oh, another thing... The plan last fall was to get irrigation on separate meters, but there was no mention of it this year and one resident absolutely refused to allow the irrigation to be turned on in that section. Thanks partner.
  8. 1idejim

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    Perfect, tap the supply as it enters the basement and the irrigation as it exits the basement. Install meter and back flow accordingly. Leave the clocks alone.
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  9. S.O.Contracting

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    Why can't a separate meter be split off the supply line outside the foundation before the existing meters. Then you can turn the irrigation on and off without them being home. Or are outside meters just not done in your market?
  10. Sierra9093

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    S.O.Contracting, no can do. We can get very, very cold Winters here and the meter has to be in doors - hence a utility building, which would have to be heated.

    1idejim, same problem, it would still have to be indoors because of the climate.

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