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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by LawnJax, Feb 8, 2005.

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    Hey guys, new to the board and I have what I think is a pretty simple problem. As of last week my Water Master #57114 timer stopped communicating with my well pump. There are four zones total. I went out to trouble shoot today and here's what I found.

    The fuse is good, the batteries are fresh and the well and pressure are fine. I loosened up the black piece with the two white wires coming out of the top about a turn and a half and bam, the well kicked on and the system was operating. I tried this seperately on all four zones and they all worked. I tightened the black piece back up and the well shuts off.

    My only guess is that it's a wiring problem. Do you think I need to rewire the entire system? I've never attempted anything like this before but I can follow the current wires and hopefully pull it off. Any help would be appreciated!!

  2. turf2be

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    sounds like you need a new pump relay...costs a few bucks but it may be the solution to your problem
  3. YardPro

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    not familiar with the controller you're refering to, but sounds simple. no need for rewiring.
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    Chances are that the system is running off of the pressure tank/pressure switch. There is probably not a pump relay installed. Many irrigation systems if properly sized do not need a PSR if they are using a pressure tank and switch. This sounds like it is on a pressure tank because the system comes on when he bleeds the solenoids, and shuts down when he closes them.

    The Watermaster controller is a retail consumer brand made by Orbit and sold at Home Depot/Lowe's etc.

    Couple of questions.

    1. Does the controller actually send power to the valves? Check with a volt/ohm meter, or use another solenoid (black thing with two white wires)

    2. Have any of the wires from the controller to the valves been cut or disconnected? Especially check the common wire since none of the valves are working.

    3. What other none sprinkler related activities have been done recently that might affect the way the system operates? Any digging? Any storms?

    Since none of the valves will operate the system, I would guess (based on the information you gave us) that the solution lies in the wiring. Either the common is cut or disconnected, or all the wires have been cut. This is assuming that the controller is actually working. Fuses and batteries don't necessarily mean a working controller.

    If you have any more information that you can disclose, it makes the troubleshooting easier.

    Good Luck.

    Jerry R
  5. LawnJax

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    Thanks Jerry, I appreciate the help. I'm pretty sure it does run off a pressure tank/pressure switch. I called Orbit tech support and they seem to think it's the wiring as well.

    1. Not really sure, I'll have to get a hold of a volt/ohm meter and check.

    2. I fiddled with the wires yesterday but nothing happened. Could the wiring just have gone bad over time? I'm sure the system as been there for a while.

    3. I noticed the system had stopped working after I did some minor electrical work in my garage. I installed three florescent light fixtures on the ceiling of my garage. I had to turn the breaker off several times during the process. After I was done, I tried to run the sprinkler system and nothing was working. I tried to unplug the well pump and it started sparking and almost fried me. Turns out the well pump electrical plug was severely corroded and I had to replace the outlet and rewire a new plug for the pump. I know the pump works fine because my hose runs off the well and it's working correctly.

    Any ideas?

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