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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by jocko1104, Jan 24, 2003.

  1. jocko1104

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    I have done some serious reading on the installation of irragation systems this winter and would very much like to try my hand.

    My question would be what kind of insurance is required for this type of work and what licences/permits are required.

    Is this a resonable thing for me to attempt without much (read any) expierience? Everyone has to start somewhere don't they?
  2. hlgmoney

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    I was in your same situation two years ago. Just start small and stay small at first. Leave yourself plenty of time because there will be problems I promise you that. Try to team up with someone with some experience even if you have to cut them in on some of the profits. Irrigation can be complex and it's totally different than mowing and lawn care.
  3. SamIV

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    Start very small as suggested. Try some micro irrigation in flower beds. This is very simple and can be connected to a hose bib with a very simple timer. Also do some repair to begin to learn how things are supposed to work.

    From reading previous posts, I think you are required to have an irrigation license in Texas but I'm not positive as I don't live there.
    Your distributors offer courses also. Weathermatic also has an intense school for a week each year and this is held in Texas as they are based there. I don' t know about your insurance requirements.

    All the big guys started small, and made some judgements that they wish they could change now. If you do something wrong, just make it right.

  4. Mark B

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    That is some good advice. Here is the title of a good repair book. The name is Troubleshooting irrigation control systems by Bill Derryberry. I got the book when I attended a STI university. It helped me learn how to OHM out valves, controllers, the wiring. You might want to think about doing just service work. There are some good advantages to doing service work over installs all the time. In my area some guys don't want to do service at all, they want in to do installs. You can make good money with just doing service.
  5. Rotor-Man

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    Started small several years ago and have continually built up, growth is good when it is controlled, and just to do a lot of jobs for growth's sake will usually get us in trouble!
    Read like crazy and attend some design and installation classes offered by a local distributor. Working on your own is the greatest thing in the world, even if you can make more money somewhere else, to me it does not match the satisfaction of working outside and for yourself!
  6. HBFOXJr

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    You need a license in Texas. Find out about that first.

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