irrigation timer for controled enviornments

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by liquidbw, Oct 24, 2004.

  1. liquidbw

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    I am looking for a sprinkler system or irrigation timer that will handle up to 10 fields at seperate times and will be able to run in seconds rather than minutes.

    the most important feature is the second timer. I have been looking all over the place and all the timers i am finding only deal with minutes.

    does anyone know where i can get such a system?

    any feed back would be great.

    thanks so much
  2. dbielawski

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    Never heard of such a timer as that.
  3. Planter

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    from Utah
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    I have not seen one that I can recall. You might find something in the nursery, greenhouse or lab side of things.

    I don't see much benefit to having one that runs for seconds, by the time it opens all the way and charges the lines so you have an even flow in the system I don't see there would be much difference.
  4. liquidbw

    liquidbw LawnSite Member
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    lab does seam like a good place to go but all i find there is spray systems. Admittedly im not dealing with grass, im dealing with other shrubs and stuff but i get the best results in flushing pots with about 2 to 4 cups of water in 5 sec with nutrients.
  5. jerryrwm

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    Check with Superior Controls. They made a few controllers that were specifically designed for short duration. I believe one of the series was the "Sterling" Also if I remember correctly, Watermark made a greenhouse propogation timer also. Hope this helps.

  6. Mdirrigation

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    i would think any controller with seasonal adjustments should work. Set it for 1 minute and then adjust it to 50 % .
  7. jerryrwm

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  8. activelandscaping

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    Your better off posting this in a electrical engineering forum. There is probably some sort of " set duration cutout relay " that will perform more accurately, not to mention cost effectively, what you intend. If you intend to use 24V solinoid valves then the margin of error would make seconds meaningless anyway, given this is for reasearch purposes.

    Best of luck,

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