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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Drew Gemma, Sep 16, 2005.

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    Is it worth if if I start to add irrigation work to my bag of goods. Just repair turn on and turn off. No install for now. Around here their are 3 to 5 companies and they never show up unless it is an install. I am thinking it would be a huge up sell for us. Many clients have systems already and they are always complaining about zero service or help. Next is where can I go get a crash course on irrigation repair. I haven't done any irrigation repairs for 5 years and at the course we just put new heads on and used slip fixes to repair lines. Who has a crash course school that I can learn the ways or am I way off! Let me know guys.
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    Doing irrigation is a good idea it can help you get upscale commericial properties. Repairs are pretty simple to learn and you could do it on your own, but some states require test/liscenses.
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    Check with your Toro Irrigation distributor and ask about Toro University. I found a contractor could learn more in a week at Toro U than he could in 10 years of OJT.

    Repairs are much more difficult and require a lot more training than installation. There is so much to learn about pipe sizing, head spacing and flows that can't be learned on the job unless you are working for an expert in the field who is willing to train. Sta-Rite used to have a one week school in Delavin, Wisconsin. It was a excellent session and well worth the time and expense.

    A lot of irrigation contractors are like doctors, they bury their mistakes.


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