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    installing irrigation system is it better to tie into the manifold system in front yard or tie into the water facet at the rear of house
  2. DublinLadd

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    BenLands, Dont hook up to a faucet. you need to go to a larger water pipe. Manifold systems are ok but you do alot of pipe crossovers when you are pulling your pipe in. Try pulling the mainline around the house and dropping the valves in where the zones are. You do use more wire thi way however the system will go in faster.
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    Follow last advice, taping into water faucet means less water pressure because already went thru pressure reducer in house. Run the extra pipe and wiring, will be much better job in the long run
  4. steveair

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    Not sure about CA, but don't you need Backflow protection?

    Maybe you are only putting in a few heads, or maybe this is a 'home project' for yourself, but it sounds like you may be better off getting a irrigation contractor in there if you are already this lost on how to install the water supply.

    Not trying to rip your head off, but I think we all try to promote 'proffessional work' here, and no one is going to tell you that installing something you may know nothing about is a good idea>



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