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    As I struggle to transition from brisket cooking to bread making I've developed several rules to still make it manly or non-gayish. One is you have to have a sourdough starter going. Add sourdough to everything. Corn muffins, home made bread, pancakes, use it as the thickner in your chili. (vegetarian chili). Also use stick butter and leave it out on the counter. Better to use a light spread of stick butter than a big swab of that gross heart smart stuff. Another thing is make your own dipping oil. In this I've taken some hatch dried peppers and crumbled them into this energy shake maker then added olive oil. When making pancakes buy the real stuff that you have to add eggs, milk, and oil to. Then double it in size with sourdough. Let it sit for two hours before making pancakes. Top it off with vermont maple syrup. I included two camping cook pics, One is my set up for an attempt at brisket tacos. You can see the brisket wrapped in foil in the fire. The other is still the best tasting way to make coffee.




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    One other thing you'll miss when you move to Colorado from Texas, is the lack of fresh seafood. Except I know you are going more vegetarian now. A decent book to read, is Real Food by Nina Planck. Talks about getting away from all the processed foods. Going back to real butter, not the "good for you" butter substitutes. Grow as much as you can. Hit the farmers markets. Cage free eggs. That sort of thing.

    But it may be too hippie-granola of a book for you :)
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    Wonder how long its going to take Peter to lose the drawl after the move north.
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    I'm sorry, but dipping oil is absolutely gay....[​IMG]
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    I lost the sourdough starter I used to use in KS. I have made my own starters i the past with great success. I have had ZERO luck with sourdough here at 6000'. I find it takes almost twice as much yeast and serious adjustments to my favorite bread recipes to get a decent loaf at altitude. Dana, or any of the other CO you or your SO's make homeade sourdough bread? Interesting enough, the grocery story bakeries don't offer homemade sourdough either. I am considering ordering a starter this spring. I love sourdough and am saddened at my lack of success in the new climate.

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    I'm reading the Skinny B@tch right now. I actually went through a very intense macrobiotic food stage for several years in my early 30s. All organic, short grain bown rice, lots of miso, tofu, and seaweed. The whole ying and yang thing. A great book to read is the Macrobiotic Way by Michio Kushi.

    Boots.....Adding Hatch Peppers to first process VIRGIN:) olive oil moves it from the gay category to the sophisticated man category.

    Mike.... Howdy and Ya'll will never leave my vocab.
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    You want to be using EXTRA virgin olive oil.
    Extra comes from the first press
    virgin from the second press and reg olive oil from the 3rd press.

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    King Arthur Flour in Vermont is the place to go for sourdough starter. They also have some ready made bread mixes. I have their Alaskan Sourdough bread in my Bread Machine right now.
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    Oh sure. :nono: And if you use extra-virgin olive oil, that just makes it extra-gay ;)

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    Is it my imagination or have olive oil prices skyrocketed lately?

    Oh my Lawd I just realized how gay that sentence was. What is happening to MY BODY:cry:

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