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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Instant Rain, Sep 28, 2005.

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    Does any one here know of a DC remote for 12volt systems. Several large properties I need to check use DC Scorpio satellite controllers. the current set up is one guy at the controller with a key pad manually turing on stations and another looking each station as it comes on then calling over the radio to go to the next station. Id like to make this a one man job. I would log on to the central control system with a lap top and wireless connection but because of security issues this is not possible right now. The satellites with 24 volts are easy enough to hook up to a remote. Its just the DC controllers that are a pain.
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    What kind of remote/pigtail are you using for your A/C controllers? Use your pigtail for zone and common wires, and install a small plug to the pigtail for current. Either seperate neutral or doubled to the common. Then carry a 24v a/c transformer, small inverter and a battery pack (or jump start). Very worst case scenario, the dc controller will have to be unplugged from the panel while you test. I'm not familiar with that brand of controller to know for sure. To seperate the controller from the pigtail should only involve the common (the only power wire you are truly sharing). You could use a quick connect or spade type plug for the common so it could only be connected to either the controller or the pig tail, not both.
    If it is more complicated than that because of the controller, try finding a 13 or 15 terminal male and female connector and place it inline between the controller and the field wiring. Then make up a pigtail to connector adapter. Its a lot of work, but it is work you could do most of ahead and it will save you the time you are after down the road.

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