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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by GrassworksNEB, Apr 6, 2003.

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    OK Guys,

    Here's the scoop. I am new to the owner side of the Lawn Care industry. However, I have been working for companies for years. My jump into the business is in the form of 7 accounts as a part time deal to put my kids through college and have a little fun money.

    Now here is where I am getting perturbed with this site.

    By all accounts from the other members of this site, I am a scrub or low-baller.

    I take offense because I see my self as much of a professional as the next guy. I do a professional job for a fair price. I put myself in the position of the property owner and think what would I pay for the work performed.

    Now I do carry liability insurance of a million $ and do pay my responsibility to Uncle Sam, but I AM NOT A SCRUB!!!

    I was extremely excited when I found this site as there appeared to be a great wealth of info here (and there is if you can get through the Bull***), but I am getting frustrated as get deeper into the community.

    Love the site guys, but could we lay off the scrub and low ball business and get back to the business.
  2. cos

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    You feel offended that people are voicing their opinion about people who get into the biz for a year or so and chop other people's prices just to get work? I don't think that talk is too offensive. As a matter of fact, people here offer solutions to combat such "scrubs".

    If your not this type of person, then why all the un-neccesary typing?
  3. ConPro

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    When you start out, chances are your a low-baller. If you don't see it, get a mirror, thats you. Your job is to do it so nice that people would rather pay more for you to do it than the low-baller. I know that I can do a job 100% better than the other guy, yet I only charge 25% more than the other guy. I tell the client that scrub won't be back next year, and ya know what, I WILL.
  4. bobbygedd

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    only 7 lawns, and paying for insurance and paying taxes? so tell me, how much r u losing each month?
  5. ahah

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    "By all accounts from the other members of this site, I am a scrub or low-baller."

    Your perception is your reality.
  6. DLS1

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    Hey GrassworksNEB, you got all types of personalities on this site just like I assume in your personal and work life. If your not a scrub (which everybody has a different definition like a moving target) then why worry about it or even if you are according to another persons definition then why worry about it.

    On this site, you got 15 year olds to maybe 60+ years old here, you got humble people to ones that think they are genius in this field, you got people who like to post comments just to get people agitated and start posting back at them. These agitators love to do it and get their entertainment from doing this and some here fall for the trap.

    What is important is what you believe about yourself not about what others think.

    If you keep worrying about what others think then you will never have happiness in your life.

    Just take the good things you get out of this site and discard the rest. Just sit back and read and laugh at some of things that are posted on this site.
  7. GrassworksNEB

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    I agree with your post 100%.

    I have received a lot of info from this site and plan to continue to do so.

    As far as the taxes and insurance go, they are part of a bigger picture that the mowing gets thrown into...
  8. Teachers, Firemen, Part-Timers, et. al just need to understand what they’re getting into. This economy is based on people charging whatever the market will bear. From professional’s point of view, it’s offensive to invade any market and drive down prices, because PEOPLE TALK.

    But it’s just foolishness to get $30 on a $40 lawn. I think low-balling is based on ignorance and fear. Ignorance of the standard and fear that they can’t meet that standard. Do the research, perform, command respect (standard payment). Let the best man win.
  9. John Gamba

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    I Love Being a Scrub!:blob4: :blob4: :blob4: :blob4:
    Johnny G.

    img_0429 resized.jpg
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    As long as you are CHARGING the customers the GOING rate per hr in your area you are not a low baller or a scrub! If you are charging way under the average in your area it can and probly hurt the pay scale in your area (if too many work cheap that is) We have million doller homes that we go bid on and would take an hr with 2 people I charge approx $85 to $90 bucks so when I go estimite a house and give them a bid say $90 they say well the kid or fellow did it for me for $50 I say WHERE is he and why arent you retaining him (usually cause he worked so cheap he went out of business or did a shaddy job) So if you price is competitive does not matter the amount of contract you have if your getting TOP $$$ for your services you may be better of then Joe Shmoe with 30 lawns!!!!!

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