Irritroil Advance Buttons Failing

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by ed2hess, Dec 30, 2005.

  1. ed2hess

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    I have a 36 station Irritroil Dial Series that is about 10 years old and the up/down button wouldn't work today. The buttons have been erratic over the last year. These are devices behind a plastic covering. Are there any options other than replacement of the controller? I am guessing that this controller will cost over $1200 correct?
  2. Dirty Water

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    You could disassemble the controller and clean the contacts behind those buttons.

    Personally, I'm a fan of rainbird timers, so if you do replace it, look into the ESP-MC36:

    EDIT: Pictures kinda big, click here to see it

    It retails for about $1000.

    You could also see if you really need a 36 zone timer. I've found a lot of commercial sites that have 36-40 zone timers and only use 10-15 zones.
  3. bicmudpuppy

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    The buttons on dial series should be servicable. If your not comfortable doing it, take it in to one of the larger supply houses and they can either fix it or ship it out for you and get it fixed. They could also give you a fair idea what it would cost to repair. Also, check the cabinet for damage. If those buttons are causing you problems, you may have a cabinet that is leaking. If I am thinking straight, those are metalic buttons instead of the cheap rubber we see on some controllers. They work about the same way, but there are seals to worry about as you take it apart and put it back together. The rubber buttons seal themselves for the most part. I've never had problems with those buttons going bad on any controller unless there was a reason, like water in the panel. The old buckner panels had the same buttons and worked like champs for half past forever.
  4. PurpHaze

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    The Dial Series are set up a lot like the MC-Plus controllers. I'm assuming that since the Dial is 10 years old it is a metal based board with some type of key pad for the buttons instead of the newer plactic based boards. I can only speak for the MC-Plus but on occasion their key pads stop functioning. Our supplier can send them into a guy that works on them and get an estimate. Then we can decide whether to replace or repair. Probably a couple hundred to have the pad replaced though. A new MC-Plus-B 36 station controller runs us about $1350.
  5. jerryrwm

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    Like Bryan said, there is no need to scrap a controller that is in need of servicing. After 10 years, there is bound to be something that needs to be fixed on most everything. Depending on where it was installed - indoors or out; how it was installed - close to water sources, humidity, dust, etc. It probably just needs a good cleaning. Take it down to Austin Pump on Todd Lane and see if the old German fellow is still there. He could fix almost everything on most controllers.

    If you have it in mind to replace it, hold on to it, and the next time I'm thrugh Austin, I'll pick it up and dispose of it for you.
  6. ed2hess

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    Thanks for all the input I think I will take the panels off tomorrow.

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