Irritrol Rain Sensor Bad?

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Rotor-Man, Sep 28, 2006.

  1. Rotor-Man

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    Installed wireless rain sensor last year on new install, worked fine for over a year and now the sensor shows its activated, but when the controller calls for water the clock still runs. Took unit out and put on another one and a week later he calls back and says it's doing the same thing. I hate this new tech. sometimes, any suggestions. Thanks
  2. BSME

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    what kind of timer? the pro-c can be bypassed on the controller and then again on the wireless rain sensor... make sure they are both on active
  3. bicmudpuppy

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    Verify the problem. Does the rain sensor actually work? Not does the led light say it is or isn't working. Put a ohm meter on the sensor wires and find out if you have continuity or not. Then leave the sensor terminals open on the controller and verify that the controller will actually "see" a working sensor. We have all but quit installing wireless sensors. Experience is showing that using them was a labor intensive mistake. Except for it not being water proof on the reciever, I think R&D has the best product so far, but I still get enough of them that go bad to make me wish we just ran the sensor wire. The Hunter wireless sensor will kill a transformer/controller when it goes bad in many instances.
  4. aquamtic

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    Ive had nothing but problems with the irritrol this year. Prior to this year we had great results with the wireless unit and this year nothing but call backs.
    I really believe Toro has something to do with changing the technology of the unit since taking over iRRITROL.

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