Is $7.00 worth losing a customer

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by NNJLandman, Apr 10, 2006.

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    I have this lawn customer who I just did a spring cleanup for, he requested seeding and topsoil to fill in some areas around the irrigation system he had installed. So I bill him for the cleanup which included removal of leaves, sticks, yard debris, and edging of the beds the job went so quick i decided to be nice and throw in the seed. So then comes time to do the topsoil, I told him I will need to bill you extra for the topsoil...well I shouldnt need that much he says, see what you can do. So I send my guy to home cheapo to by bags of top soil, they had a deal like 6 bags for $10. I used 5 at the house so I billed him 7.56 for topsoil and made of a copy of the reciept sent it with the bill. Today I get a check for $150.00 instead of 157.56. Im very aggrevated because its 7.56 pocket change, and im always doing little favors for this guy and this is what i get in return....UNREAL.

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    This is a decision only you can make. You wont be in business long if you are not marking up your materials. The fact that he is deciding how much to pay you is a bad omen. Have a frank but respectful discussion with the man and see if your service has value to him, if not he should probably find someone else to do the work in the future. You could submit another bill and tell him you forgot to charge him for the seed and delivery for the soil.
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    Nice touch....if hes going to nickle and dime you onthe price, the least you can do is nickle and dime him for all the extra's you do....

    if you give him that 7.56, thats about 5% of the total bill, and actually its more than that sicne you are still out the actual costs of the products purcahsed. so you actualy only made 143 bucks, not counting the extra time and labor to run to home cheapo....

    Short pay your mortgage or your car payment by 5% next month...see what happens...

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    Did you also remember to charge for the time it took your guy to go to the depot. Gas,vehicle,labor, and laying out the cash. This is why there's always a markup on materials. Like AZ said, but to tell the truth, your probably not charging enough and this guy knows it. He's just seeing how much more he can get out of you. You can keep working for this guy for one or two more jobs before he realizes you raised your prices and then he'll nickel and dime you even more or try to make you come back for free. My advice, do one more job, stick it to him a bit, and then lose his number.payup
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    Yep, get your money or drop him even if its one dime! I have one lady that is always asking me for dirt, mulch, rocks, etc. that tried to pull that crap on me. Always asked me what it cost (I got caught off guard first time) and tried to pay me MY cost for the material. Told her right fast like that I dont go stand in line then come put the material down for dead cost and when she asks now I refuse to show her what I paid for it. If this guy is doing this you need to end it right now!
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    Agreed with all threads. Your in buisness to make money not to get nickel and dimed by some shmuck. Stick to your guns send him another bill if he doesn't pay loos him. Unless you like being shafted?
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    Well I just got done laughin my A** off, got home, look through the mail, saw the envelope and just broke out laughing, I got all upset about my $7.00, shoulda just waited and let it happen, and sure enough a day later i get another check not for my 7.56 but for $8.00. Im still laughin about it. Thanks for the answers and replys guy haha :laugh: :cool2:
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    christ, your billing him COST on 5 bags for $7.xx and the ******* just figures he doesnt need to pay, fk that jerkoff. For $7 for your extra work and favors the least he could do is pay you MORE than what it costed you. Whats it cost to drive oVER to home cheapo? gas money and time. Thats like a big slap in the face. Send him another bill for $7.xx with a late fee next month of $15 and tell him to stick it, thats BS.
  10. MarcSmith

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    ramair, settle down...he did bill him his actual cost(ie no markup). the client paid what the service provider billed (finally a few days late).

    is all NNJ has to do now is start marking up his actual materials cost in the future.

    better late than never....

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