Is 700 Dollars an hour Feasible for some clients?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by projunkracing, May 6, 2006.

  1. projunkracing

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    I used to be a member here years ago , I have long since sold my equipment etc, and am working for another guy as a crew leader. Ok here is my thing is $700 an hr feasible to charge on a house that is like a mil and a half? My boss uses clip software and puts down time's how long we are supposed to take and yesterday we were at a house that took us 3 hours versus his 1 hr he estimated. When we got to the house the customer came outside to show us where everything was , and my boss is telling me that she lied to us and manipulated us to the pointof doing extra work for no charge. He told the other white guy one my crew that she told he to continue to mow her house but he is not allowed on the property does this sound fishy? he also stated the he charges her 700 an hr and the she got 2 hrs free i dunno does this sound high or two much or what?
  2. DLS1

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    You can't be serious. That is way to low. I image a house worth over a million would get you at least $950 hour. I mow 1/2 million house all the time and make a lot of money. :laugh: :laugh:
  3. projunkracing

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    wow i guess it is time to get back into my own biz but the customer is filthy rich and my boss is saying she needs to payup even tho he estimated it at 1 hr and it took 3 what do you guys think?
  4. jameson

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    HUH? :dizzy:
  5. projunkracing

    projunkracing LawnSite Member
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    so i guess you think it is fishy seems like someone is not being truthful
  6. JJLandscapes

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    almost every house here is 800k- a mill and under 5000k sq ft of lawn so i dont think house value means anything with what you charge more about how much grass there is
  7. dougmartin2003

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    i wouldnt unload my home cheapo push mower for under $850 per hour
  8. dougmartin2003

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    thats funny right there,i dont care who ya are
  9. topsites

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    omg you stinkin' low-ballers, this is outrageous !!! :angry:

    How dare you people do anything for less than $1,600.00 / hour, how do you even cover your bare basic costs ?!!?

    ... I think the thread-starter has been away for a bit too long, if you ask me.
  10. ALarsh

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    $1500 / hr is my minimum for just mow, trim blow and go. For me to spend time and do good work, its $2,000 / hour.

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