Is a 2001 26hp 60" Dixie w 800 hours worth more than $4500?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by shearbolt, Jul 19, 2003.

  1. shearbolt

    shearbolt LawnSite Member
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    My friends thinking of trading his Dixie in for a New Generac 72". The dealer offered him $4500. Is this a good deal.
  2. Lbilawncare

    Lbilawncare LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Not really, but then again, we haven't seen it, or know how many hours are on it
  3. Mowingman

    Mowingman LawnSite Platinum Member
    from Texas
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    I would say that trade-in price is more than fair. Around here, the rule-of-thumb is that a mower loses 50% of it's value as soon as you take it out of the dealership and put a few hours on it.:(
  4. yardboyltd

    yardboyltd LawnSite Senior Member
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    ahh i disagree about 50% loss... yes the largest decrease happens as soon as u put hours on it.. but this should depreciate even slower than a car becuase it is a money making asset, not like a car and cars don't e ven dep;reciate that fast
  5. weve

    weve LawnSite Senior Member
    Male, from Central Illinois
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    I traded my year 2000 XWD2600-60 with 870 hours last spring. My dealer gave a trade-in allowance of $8199.00. That was $4000.00 difference on a new 2002 XWD2600-60.
  6. Lbilawncare

    Lbilawncare LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Sorry, I didn't see the 800 hours at the top. Trade in that is about all you'll get, I would try to sell it outright if you don't need it. I personally would keep it for $4500
  7. Yup $4500 is good money for that mower, they have no worth outside of commercial cutters.
  8. Lawn DOG

    Lawn DOG LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 276

    If he can get that much for it he should kiss the dealer. I wouldn't give that much for a new DC.

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