Is a $595 savings worth the extra drive ?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Turf Dancer, Jan 26, 2003.

  1. Turf Dancer

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    It looks like I am going to buy an Exmark Hydro and I have gotten quotes from two dealers the closest is 70 miles away and is $595 more than the dealer that is 220 miles away ! Would you go the extra 150 miles to save the money ? This dealer said he has $70K worth of equipment for downtime loaners if needed and the closer dealer has none ! The dealer that is further away has stated that he can guarantee parts to my door next day ! the other did not mention this ? I hate to buy farther away but is it possible that the dealer 220 miles away is the smart way to go ?
  2. SLS

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    I would ask your nearest dealer about the overnight parts guarantee. I own two Exmarks and if I remember correctly the 'overnight parts guarantee' is an Exmark (factory)policy. I don't think that it varies for dealer to long as they are authorized Exmark dealers. The only stipulation that I'm aware of is that you must place your request for the part before a certain time (noon maybe?) so that the warehouse will have time to process the order and get shipped on time.

    I would lean towards a dealer that can promise me a loaner. I did. Fortunately, after 1000 hours on my Lazer, I still have yet to encounter any downtime...except to replace a belt. One hell of a machine.

    Enjoy your new Exmark! :)

    Wouldn't you know it? My 1000th post would be singing the praises of an Exmark! :laugh:
  3. bruces

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    Wow, a round trip 220 miles to get a loaner will kill all day by the time you spend some time at the dealers, and then you would spend another day going back to get your mower when fixed.

    Too far for me for $595 savings.

    That one breakdown will cost you that much in time.
  4. Likestomow

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    Have you called the regional distributor for Exmark and asked it they have any 2002 demos?

    In November I did that and found a 2002 TT-48-17 w/30 hours for an even $4k. If they have one, they will ship it to the dealer closest to you and you would buy through them.

    If not, I'd go with the closer dealer.

    Start looking around now for a backup machine. Even if it's an old belt drive, it would still save your neck and time in a pinch. If not, look around for a place you could rent a machine if needed. You'd be better off.
  5. Bigfoot

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    In my area 70 miles one way to a dealer is a long way, 220 miles would be a killer trip.
  6. Gravely_Man

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    Turf Dancer, There is no way I would buy from the dealer 220 miles away. As previously stated that is a heck of a drive for a loaner machine. Are you going to have them do the service work too? I would just talk more the closer dealer and see what they can offer.

  7. The overnight is if you "pay" for overnight shipping. and they don't have the part in stock.

    Stick with the dealer nearest.

    And conrats SLS

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