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Is a 5x8 too small?


LawnSite Member
Buffalo NY
This will be my first year this upcoming spring and i am still insearch of a trailer. I will be running a decent size walk behind and prob a commercial 21", all my other stuff will have equiptment racks for it. I will be using a Ford Explorer 4x4 for my first yera and dont wanna make it pull too much weight. Would a 5x8 be too small for a solo op like this?


LawnSite Bronze Member
You will find very quickly that no matter what size trailer you end up getting - you will max out the space in about 2 days and wish you had bought the next size up!

If you're thinking that 5x8 sounds nice, start with a 5x10. You will be glad that you did.


LawnSite Bronze Member
Pittsburgh PA
I ran a 5X8 trailer when I started since I aleady owned one to haul my quad. It fit my 48"WB and a 20" pushmower ok, but that is it. It will work but just be prepared to buy a bigger trailer in coming years. I would get a 6X10.


LawnSite Member
Eureka, CA
I have a 5X10 and wish I had a 7X14 and a 4X6 instead. I would always go a little larger than you think you need. I would go at least with the 5X10 or 6X10 . You have to think about what position you are going to put all the equipment in, and even though it may fit in a smaller one, how much of your equipment will you have to take out to get to one, like your walk behind mower? If everything is behind it, you will have to pull everything out each time. Might be better to get something wider so you can put your self propelled beside the walk behind, rather than behind and sideways. I have to put my self propelled sideways behind my walker mower on my 5X10 as it is.


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Groton, MA
I used a 6x12 for 3 years. It seemed huge the first week, but quickly I realized that it was way too small. Now my 6.5x16 feels too small, but I make it work.

It is all about loading and unloading. Even if your stuff fits on a 5x8, it will take longer and be a pain in the a$$ to load/unload at each stop.


LawnSite Member
South Carolina
I think that a 5x8 may get you by, but like others said, you'll outgrow it in a few days/weeks. I have a 5x10 and only use it to haul my bike at times and let wood sit on it in the winter to dry out before I burn it. I use a 6.4x16 to haul my mower and it feels nice. Another thing about small trailers is that they seem to be a pain in the butt to back up if neccessary.


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First off I really like your website, as for the trailer it depends on a lot of factors:

#1 What equipment will you be hauling
#2 If you are towing with an Explorer what are you planning on doing with the clippings? Or will all yards be mulched?

If you want my opinion, a 5x8 is too small for the 52" Scag that you will be pulling. Unless that is the only mower you will be putting on the trailer. It can be time consuming to load/unload all of your equipment at each job. This being your first year I am sure you could get by with a 5x8 but I think you would soon want a larger trailer. The next thing I would do is sell that Explorer... I wouldn't tow much more than a 5x8 regularly with an Explorer. But don't get into the big trailer disease, I would say that many companies have a trailer that is too large for their outfit. Get what will suit your needs and help you fulfill your goals not hinder them.