Is a Dixon Mower any good? What about a Grazer?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by magnificentmowing, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. magnificentmowing

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    I have been mowing for about one summer. My goal next year is to bring in about $5000 in gross revenue. I have been using my clients mowers and my oldschool Honda push mower. Its heavy heavy heavy (steel deck). And its so big that its hard to maneuver around stuff so alot of times i bring along a $15 Weed eater mower thats completely basic. I found a way to get a zero turn without spending a ton of money. That would be to get a Grazer mower which i have used before. My grandfather has used one since before i was born. I think i could get one for like $900 (maybe). But then if i really wanted to stay in a budget i could get a Dixon mower. Which would be like $500-$700. But from some reviews a Dixon would not stand up to continuous use. I could just buy a small used Honda that would maneuver better, and a riding mower. Who knows?
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    What kind of Dixon are you speaking of? If it is one of those old cone drive machines, no, not for business use. Not even sure what a grazer is?
  3. slowleak1

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    NO and NO...
  4. dbear

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    Hey magnificentmowing, maybe a better question might be, "what was your first commercial mower and what did it cost?" I can't answer as I'm not a LCO, but I'm thinking the answers might give you a better idea of the type of machine and $$ needed to give yourself a fighting chance. It would also be appreciated if you described the type of mowing (commercial vs residential) and the average size of the accounts.
  5. magnificentmowing

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    My biggest Client is 1.5 residential lot. I don't have any commercial clients. Most of my lawns are less than a half acre. I was talking about the older Dixon's. The Grazer's were produced by the same company that made Jacobsen in the late 80s early 90s. Anyway they were front mowers and one of the first Zero turns around it seems like. I think thats why they are so cheap.

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