Is a exmark 44" worth it

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by kebrowns, Oct 7, 2012.

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    I own one they came out in 2004 and were gone the next year. But that one is older the controls are in-front of the seat they ended that in 2003 and the gas caps are the small type they ended that in 2002. So they must of been reintroduced the year I got mine so I thank you for that I seldom learn anything on here anymore. My engine is a 20 hp kholer that one is not rear is completely different and the air-filter screams kawasaki.

    Mine was 6000 new and we use in in a secondary mower roll on my crew. The cut is nowhere near as good as the 52 and that is not even close to the 60s cut. But it is adequate and it does cut as well as a walk-behind and its much faster. As for weather its a good deal or not I don't buy used but new 48s are now around 8000 depending on what model you go with and engine option of course.

    That is probably the engine brand sticker that's missing on the engine. It has no foot pedal mine does no drink holder mine does and its missing the shoot sides belt guard. Now the pulley is stacked on that side so it almost certainly had a ultravac vac system on it. Front casters look new the rims are so white they look like they have had no use at all and I can not make out if they are solids or not that was a 300 dollar upgrade when I switched to them.
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    Looks OK to me but it's kind of a small oddball size for a Z. I'm not sure it would be any more productive than a 48 or 52 inch hydro walk behind with a sulky, and a walk behind is generally more versatile. I have a 52 inch Lazer Z HP and the traction of it leaves something to be main concern on that machine would be traction and hillside control/stability. One think I noticed is that the rear tires appear to be over inflated on it. It seems to be in decent shape though.
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    Hydro walk behinds are nice I have a 36 but I did have a 48 belt and the lazer 44 was 125-150% more productive. My dealer does stock blades for it but I am the only one he sells them too so yes it is an oddball size. What is nice is it will go through a 48 inch door where the 48 oddly enough has a few features they get hung up on.

    As for hill stability LOL whats that the mower is very short and is also light in the front the wheel base doesn't give you any stability on hills going side to side you can forget about that. My 60 has the vac system and then weights in the front and has for a ztr unheard of stability on hills. But the vac system sticks off the rear and limits the grade you can climb when coming off flat ground. Where as the 44 is like a rocket ship she may not cut side to side and has nearly no control driving down a hill forward but she can climb one like a jet fighter would when gaining altitude.

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