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Is a Ferris wb capable of good mulching?

Bill K

LawnSite Member
My 36" Ferris Hydrowalk bags like a vacuum cleaner, side-discharges into the next county, but it leaves a trail on the discharge side when mulching. I've tried various blade combos without success. What can I do to make my Ferris mulch? Thanks for your replies!


LawnSite Senior Member
Central Florida
Hey Bill, are you double cutting, or are you expecting a clean mulch job in one cut? The grass in my area (st augustine) requires two cuts when using a mulch plate. You may also want to try some gator blades. Search Gator Blades discussions.

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LawnSite Silver Member
bill, Why do you want to mulch. If your mower discharges so well and so far there is need to mulch. I discharge all my lawns and make them looked bagged... if theres alot of visible clippings i double cut. When mulching the conditions have to be just perfect or the mower will not even mulch well. For it to work well the grass must be bone dry, you can not be cutting off more than a inch or two and you need to be using mulching blades! Lets face it... those perfect conditions are very rare so just stick to side discharging!