Is a flexible tine dethatcher required before over-seeding with a fixed tine unit?

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by 1966vette, Nov 24, 2009.

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    Another important lawn seeding question:
    Is it recommended to rent a power rank w/ flexible tines or can I use a Bluebird w/ rear seeder or Billy Goat w/ front seeder with fix tines?

    I’m planning to start a 1 acre lawn dormant seeding rejuvenation project new week.
    Y/day, the lawn equipment rental salesman indicated that I need to rent a single function dethatched “Classen” with flexible tines prior to using an over-seeder to remove the thatch and improve seed to soil contact. However, I was planning on running a Bluebird or Billy Goat over-seeder with fixed tines w/o seed to open up & remove the thatch. Then follow up w/ the over-seeder w/ grass seed. Which method is preferred?

    Thanks for everyone help!
    I want to do this right the 1st time!
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    There are two two important factors to keep in mind. Seed soil contact and after care. Any way you get the seed down to the soil is good. The less work the better. You can hand rake it in if you want to. If you have too much thatch to get the seed to the soil then remove it. Fixed tines are still better for this job than flail or spring tines. Flexing tines of all kinds tend to give way when the job gets tough. Fixed do not. Check with your local Extension people or seed supplier to get the best after care for your area and soil conditions.

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