Is a skid steer the appropriate machine?

Discussion in 'Tractors' started by clydesdale, May 4, 2008.

  1. clydesdale

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    I am looking to buy a used machine for my residence and small business. It would be used for snow removal, backhoe, forks for lifting pallets, and possibly auger for hole digging. I am curious about how much it will rip up the lawn and would tracks help? Do they make rubber tracks? I was considering a used bobcat 743 or 753. I am shying a way from a tractor because of its size. The skid steer seems more compact. Thanks
  2. merrimacmill

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    A skid will rip up the lawn nicely, a tracked skid will do better but from what I've seen still rip up the lawn. One thing to remember about tractors is they can be physically bigger, but weigh a lot less. This is something to consider when hauling on a trailer. Where you want a backhoe, auger, and forks I would go for a tractor. That way you can have the loader and the back hoe all at once. Or the loader with the pallet forks and the auger on the back. Or you could aerate lawns with it. Just a thought. Not to say that a skid loader won't be a great machine for you, I'm just throwing out the points of a tractor. I don't want to start the tractor vs skid loader war though.
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    I have a track machine. And yes, it will still eat up a lawn, unless operated VERY VERY carefully, namely straight in and straight out (no turning on turf).

    I personally like a skid/track loader for their versatility, compactness, and variety of attachments.

    And yes, they do make rubber tracks.


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    If you are going to use as a fork lift and use a post hole auger an skid steer best fits these applications, but will rip yard up. As for tracks, Mclaren makes steel tracks with rubber pads.

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