is a website worth it?

Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by Up North, Nov 24, 2004.

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    FYI... our website costs us $99 per year, unlimited email and bandwidth. We get it through I have been using this company for 8 years now and have never had a problem. In fact we have several other sites with them for my wife. We use MS FrontPage and if you can type a letter in MS Word then you can use FrontPage.

    Our customers and prospective customers do go to the site. They do research on our research page. They pay their bills online which we really like. We can send people there to check out our licensing, etc. In the next few weeks we are going to put some samples of landscape beds out there that can be sold as a package that "Olderthandirt" talked about. That was a AWESOME idea Mac. Thank you. (I have 12 beds being built next week for the examples).

    Once we put the Palm Trees online our sales doubled. We install 20 to 30 trees a week now and it is still growing.

    Websites work for some and not for others. It is all in how you present the site and market it. Ours will be going into two phases. Knowledge and training for customers/potential customers and services offered. My goal is to spend 30 minutes a night over the next few weeks to update it. $99 bucks a year, it's a heck of a marketing tool that is cheap to have.
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    Do a google search for your type of business in your area and yor'll see at the top.

    You must hook up with a one of those that will carry you
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    weed, do you use magicyellow? even when searching for listings i've directly pulled up at their site, and then searching for them through google, i've not pulled up a single one, other than the respective businesses' own website.

    on the magicyellow site, they say they list on search engines, just not which ones, which would make me hesitant.


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