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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Victor, Mar 22, 2003.

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    Hey guys. Is a Wright Stander, or Super Surfer that much less likely to make ruts in wet ground than a Lazer HP? I have a 52 inch HP that I just bought, and am worried about rutting problems after all of the recent talk on here about this issue. I know the Standers weigh less, but didn't know if their drive tires were wide enough to make much of a difference in rut prevention. I also wonder if an HP is less, or more prone to leaving ruts, than a full-sized Lazer. I know the full-sized Lazer is heavier, but it also has wider tires. Thanks in advance for any opinions.

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    Victor, I think any rider or "ride-on" is going to leave ruts if the ground is wet. Though it may weigh less, the tires are skinnier then a lazer. If you have wet areas I would just automatically use a WB. :cool:
  3. Even when you're riding on a Stander, the same size of Sit-Down ZTR will weigh significantly more. The seat, seat suspension, and seat-support framing on a conventional ZTR-Rider will add as much as 100 pounds (or more). If the tires are the same width, then a Stander will obviously have less ground pressure.

    That's one reason I'd like to defeat the Operator-Presence Switch on my Standers (at least temporarily) to be able to get off and mow in soft soil. From the factory, if you have the blades engaged and get off a Stander, the engine will shut off. For now, I just stop the blades, get off and hit soft spots later with a W/B, push mower, or trimmer.
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    You CAN get off of the Great Dane Super Surfer and use it as a walk behind when the ground is very wet!

    I have used them for years and this is one of the best features of the machine! The floating deck, easy height adjust, fast ground speed etc. are very nice as well.

    Try a Great Dane Super won't be disappointed!!
  5. FrankenScagMachines

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    Even a w/b can rut significantly wet areas such as occurs in springtime. In spring you should change the mowing direction every visit to prevent ruts and once the rain slows and the ground dries, start re-using patterns more...
  6. Oh yeah, floating deck mowers weigh more as well.
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    Don't waste your time with copies of the stander. Wright stander is the original stand up mower. The stander will leave less ruts because it is lighter weight. Demo one and you will never buy the copy.
  8. Strawbridge Lawn

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    Just used mine for the firdt time today. Wanted to see how it did compared to my ZHP 52.. Still will scuff turf in turns so 3 point turns will be the rule for my Stabder.
  9. WARNING!!!

    There is a clean swipe accross the top of my dirty right tennis shoe! Lots of soggy soft soil around here. So I cut a small wooden block to wedge the safety switch open on my 52” Stander and use it as a “ZTR-Lite" only when needed.

    Down in a drainage, thick dormant Bermuda Grass, slick green weeds, soft slanted soil. Ok, time to try the ZTR-Lite. Wedged the safety switch and engaged the blades, stepped up to the mower and tried to cut grass (weeds).

    At first it was fine, but the drive wheels started to spin, so being on a slant, I started walking to the left (downhill) side of the mower with my hands on the controls. Without my weight over the drive wheels, the mower had no traction to push the front castors and the mower started to slip down hill.

    I compensated with the controls but they were not very effective without my weight on the machine. Trying to keep the tires from spinning and watching everything, except for one. That’s when I felt something brush over the top of my right foot!!!

    I knew what it was. And somehow made the exactly correct move with my foot and the controls on the mower to keep from chopping my foot off. My once white mowing shoes are grungy gray, green, and brown. Except for the clean arc across the top of my right shoe. THANK YOU LORD for the Angel that kept my foot just low enough to save it!

    I don’t recommend using the Wright Stander as a walk-behind. But whatever you do, DO NOT GET BESIDE IT. What an idiot.
  10. FALSE!!!!!!

    Ground pressure will cause ruts. Weight of machine and tires change the graound pressure.

    I bet you my Lazer 60" at 1100# has a lower Ground pressure than the wirght stander weighing in at say 250# less.

    I bet you an ASV HD weighing in at over 7000# has even less then your foot.

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