Is anybody dealing with plantar fasciitis?


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I have been through all the easy cures, footbeds, different shoes, night splints worn at night. When they didn't work I bought the $400 orthotics from a foot doctor and they do no more good then the over the counter ones.
Today I bought some zcoil shoes. They have a big spring under the heel.
I should just take them back tomorrow for the whole idea seems stupid. You step on the spring and that feels good but then the spring pushes back so what have you accomplished?

Does anybody else have this problem? My heels hurt all day.


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This may seem odd but try to spend as much time as you can in bare feet. Walking etc. Even try Vibram Five Fingers or Filo Skeletoes. The human foot is not designed for shoes and they cause a lot of orthopedic problems. Google it studies from Ivy league colleges etc. Basically the muscles,ligaments etc are atrophied to the point that your foot stops functioning the way it should.


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:laugh: nah not really. i'm just now starting to get old at 36. :D

from ages 0-35 the only problems i ever had was a broken wrist from a dirtbike accident and a sprained ankle while playing basketball.

i was very active as a kid. played football, basketball, soccer, baseball, rode bicycles, skateboards, dirtbikes, atvs, you name it.

in the past year or so i've had a kidney stone, bulging disc, carpal tunnel, and plantar fasciitus lol.

i'm all good now. alot of that was because of my old job at an auto-plant. i stood on metal grates all day and pulled a paint gun trigger all day as well. those factory jobs are horrible for your health. as soon as i quit that job i got 100% better.


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Typically takes a while for the orthotics to make a difference since the foot has to heal. Have been told stretching helps, using ice. Have been wearing orthotics for 20 years. Still have some foot pain.


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I had a "moderate" case a few years back and after that, I would hate to see what a "severe" case is. I would fall over in pain after standing up from a chair after watching TV.

I did the following which provided some relief relatively quickly and complete relief after about 1-2 months. Rested my foot as much as possible and avoided whenever possible walking on hard surfaces. Iced my heel 2-3 times a day (10-15 minutes) with a towel and cold gel pack. Performed hamstring stretch 2-3 times a day. Took over-the-counter naproxin 2 times a day. Placed over-the-counter inserts in my shoes (both) and my slippers to provide good arch support. Finally, when I had time in the evening or on weekends, I would lay down in bed for 20-30 minutes and place my foot on a pillow so that it was slightly higher than my head and heart.

The pain from Plantar fasciitis is caused by the inflammation. Inflammation is best treated by RICE -- rest, ice, compression, elevation.

If your pain is serious, seek professional medical advice. A physician may choose to use a corticosteriod to reduce inflammation.


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I'm dealing with it now. IT SUCKS! It started back in the summer last year then as work slowed down (December) it kind of went it back with a vengeance. Thankfully its only in one foot. I went to the doctor and he said calf stretches and achilles stretches should get rid of it. I haven't really done them like I should but a cortisone shot may be my next move.