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Is anybody plugging in this drought?


LawnSite Senior Member
I'm trying to get some done. Some yards are just too hard to attempt. I've had a couple of customers want me to wait til we get some rain. But there's none in the forecast. Don't want to wait much longer. It looks like it's going to be a early fall around here. What's everybody else doing?


LawnSite Senior Member
If they have irrigation I tell them to run it the night before I come to soften up the ground. I've done a few without irrigation but the rest i'm holding off a week or so. We're supposed to get rain next week.

Sir mowsalot

LawnSite Senior Member
Central Pa.
I just started my list today. Im really sinking in ok, not as good as i want to though. We had rain earlier this week and rain today. It is really something, it is real green in my general area, but if you even go maybe 30 miles away its brown everywhere. It got dry here, but not as bad as everywhere else. Did my first overseeding job today, along with the aeratings, and back at it tomorrow. I hope you guys get some rain too.


LawnSite Senior Member
Luckly we have been getting some moisture the last couple of weeks so I got mine done. Seems like we traded places with NC in June when I was crying about no rain and you guys were getting too much. Try the irrigation thing as I see that as the only hope for this fall.


LawnSite Senior Member
Here is a word of advice from an old guy been at it 30 years...
Aeration rules to live by

1. If I cannot push my soil probe or a big screw driver in the ground it is too hard to aerate..It takes 100 lbs of weight to push the tines on a rolling aerator in the ground so if you weigh what I do and cannot do it your machine can't. Some companies brag they got aerators that will poke holes in hard ground cause they is the pistion type... Yup they is right..They poke holes right up to the point that they break, which don't take long..
Too hard don't aerate you'll regret it.


LawnSite Member
Water! Water! Water!
Water the night before and the day of the aeration. You'll be fine. Been aerating for 2 weeks and it's dry here to. Oh it helps to be using a Plugr.



LawnSite Member
Warren, RI
Make out a list of aerations your going to do and contact the customer. Ask the customers to water the lawn as good as they can the day or night prior to you doing the job. Don't forget to mark or have your customers mark all irrigation heads before doing the job and let them know that there is a risk of perforating an underground irrigation pipe which is not your responsibility.........That can be costly Always aerate in the fall....good luck Steve