Is anyone bidding on Walmart?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by RACERB, Mar 21, 2008.


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    The name of the company is Apex companies LLC,I was just wondering if anyone has done any kind of work for them for the walmart stores or if anyone is bidding on the stores like I am.Thank you for your help.
  2. fishinpa

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    Ya know that's going to the CHEAPEST bidder!
  3. EGL&L

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    I do both the summer and winter service for my local Wal-mart, but not through a management company. I WILL NOT WORK FOR A MANAGEMENT COMPANY.
  4. grassyguy

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    I started to bid a lot of mowing work for Apex to do wal marts throughout Oklahoma. Initially it looked like it was going to be a good deal for me. I traveled all over and turned in my bids. They started out telling me I would have at least 45 properties. I bid them to make money and they seemed alright with it. I found out through the process that they were very unorganized about the whole thing. They began reducing the amount of properties every time we talked. They finally called me and asked me to begin on a wal mart about 50 miles from Tulsa. They wanted me to be there the next day. This was in April. I was swamped and told them I could be there in 3 days. They said that wasnt good enough and they would find someone else for now. They said they would call me again for the next one. I told them not to bother. I can't work with that kind of uncertainty or short notice. They never would come around and sign contracts, and that doesn't work for me. That was 2 years ago and maybe they have everything worked out now. I did some initial cleanup for them on a couple of walmarts and it was over 90 days before I received payment. Good Luck!!!
  5. Scagguy

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    Apex sounds just like U.S. Lawns. Totally unorganized. Everything is always a fire drill with them. 90+ days late on invoices. They want control over your operation. We maintained some banks for them for a few months. I got tired of calling every other week about my money. We dropped them. Good riddance!!

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    Thank you guys I was hoping to heard something good,But it's also good to hear the bad things,Thank You.
  7. ExclusiveLawnCare

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    Do not do it, lol.
    Listen to the other guys!!!
  8. dougaustreim

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    Over the years we have worked for a lot of different national chains and/or national management companies. Most of the experiences have not been good. When you can deal with the local manager and he can pay you out of petty cash or local expense account it is fine. Almost all of these national companies have one thing in common. They almost always lose the first two sets of paperwork.
    If you are going to work for these kinds of companies build 90 days interest into your bid up front. Some times that won't be enough, but it will at least dull the pain.
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