Is anyone else having SRM-261T carb problems?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Lawn Enforcement FM, Oct 5, 2006.

  1. topsites

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    Strange, I've got a 2003 srm-260s with at least 3 years full-time use to it,
    and I don't recall ever replacing the carburetor.

    I also find it odd, that story of the "new" carbs was going on back then as well...
    Makes me wonder just how long this supposedly "new" design has been around?
    But no, to my understanding they can not be adjusted, however this is rarely the problem even on carbs that can be...

    Just strange they'd have to replace the carb, twice.
    I suspect a faulty coil, which is the LAST thing the dealer wants to replace as to my
    understanding they carry a lifetime warranty.

    Oh, one more thing: DEMAND your old parts!
    Anytime a dealer replaces something, before (or at the time of) dropping your equipment off,
    make SURE to tell them, YOU want your old PARTS!
    Otherwise they'll tell you they threw it in the garbage, gone...
    They're not supposed to, anytime a customer requests old parts they should still have them, but what can you do?

    How do I know...
    My trimmer sat for 2-3 years not running right, all the while getting dumb looks at the dealership,
    in the end it was the coil and I went through a bit of trouble to get them to fix it!
    Yeah, now that's on top of it being me who had to figure it out, that trimmer sat in their shop for months on end.

    Not saying that's necessarily the problem here, but it could be.

    To my understanding when it does that it's usually the coil!
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  2. KarambaStar

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    As dealers we sometimes have to submit defective parts to the manufacturer for testing, so we won't always have the old parts around.
  3. GlynnC

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    Topsites, I use to demand old parts from shop, then it occurred to me that they could be giving me just any old part--maybe from their scrap pile. If a shop is dishonest, there's lots of ways to be dishonest.

    Best way is to learn to do most of the work yourself--and I know you do topsites--I'm just talking in general here. Take it in if it's still in warranty--do it yourself if not!!! It doesn't take but a couple of succeses to get you hooked, and to put you ahead dollar wise--and yes, you will have a few goofs along the way!!!
  4. ALC-GregH

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    I haven't had any carb issues with my Echo equipment. Going on 10 years without touching ANYTHING. Trimmer and blower.
  5. Stuart Lawn Care Inc.

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    Yeah i,m looking for someone nearby me 2.5 hrs away, but you have one of the first sgns. If you had these problems under warr. what was the answer they gave you? I was convinced the heat build up of heat inclosedtrailer messed with the carbs. Well now, i beleive the front side vent to push air (no roof )and in back vent would pull (a two way openeing angled out to push PULL)out is the most effficient ventalation to supposeively help. But what carb did you put on that a pain to start? i see it the ventaltions between runs and gate dropped to mow then do foot work will have enough time to let them cool down. Plenty of time. But still have to alternate the doubles cause wont start or choke open close continuously help till normal running conditions litle embarrassing. I have seen worse. Even tried the new gas, i have to be missing out on something. It all started majorly 07 but mostly when the heat is on you. ECHOS are warriors there has to be something over looked. Any info let me in. We in same enviroment.
  6. Stuart Lawn Care Inc.

    Stuart Lawn Care Inc. LawnSite Member
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    im on trial and error, doing each piece a little different to see what works. THANKS if it does good keep u posted
  7. RBatten

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    from FL
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    I am having a bogging issue with a SRM 230. Starts great, idles great, hit the throttle and it bogs down. Ran great for 2-3 weeks after carb rebuild, ran great half of the day and then started to bog down, as if you turn a switch on.

    Here is what has been done so far. I am not a mechanic but handy non the less. This problem has me stumped.

    Rebuilt carb twice, once before problem, once after
    Changed carb altogether
    changed spark plug, and coil
    fuel lines and filter, even tried without filter
    removed muffler couldn't find screen, ran without muffler

    I am lost any help would be appreciated.
  8. GlynnC

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    What do you mean, "ran without muffler"? If it ran okay without the muffler, either the muffler is carboned up, or the screen is plugged. On the SRM230, the screen is behind a little exhaust deflector plate, held with 2 screws onto the muffler. If not plugged screen, then burn out muffler with propane torch. While muffler is removed, check the exhaust port on the engine--remove carbon deposits. Be careful--I use a popcicle stick for this--screwdriver can scratch a piston or cylinder.
  9. RBatten

    RBatten LawnSite Member
    from FL
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    I took the muffler completely off. I could see the piston going up and down. It still bogged down when throttled.
  10. ed2hess

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    You might need to go to the next need to inspect to see if both crank seals are in place. The one behind the clutch is hard to see but if there is oil coming out you can see it and normally it is the recoil side that comes out. I guess you put new fuel lines and replaced the two gaskets for the carb. If that isn't the problem pull the head and clean out the transfer ports and be sure the rings are free. Put on new head gasket when you put the head back on. And it that doesn't get it then go to the shop and have them do a leak test or do it youself if you have the tools.

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