Is anyone happy with their new Triton deck?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by tacoma200, Jun 4, 2006.

  1. tacoma200

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    Just seeing Exmarks with the Triton Decks getting slamed alot in several post. How many of you are happy with the new Triton decks? Looks like alot of people are jumping ship from Exmark to Hustler. Even though Hustler seems to be having troubles also. I am scratching my head wondering what brand I would buy right now if I needed a mower. I have heard major complaints on almost every company and its hard to get a handle on what going on. Even a $1400 dollar home owner lawn tractor will cut without leaving stringers so what gives? Thanks.
  2. Furg21

    Furg21 LawnSite Member
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    im not happy at all....its been in the shop longer than ive cut with it
  3. kc2006

    kc2006 LawnSite Silver Member
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    Hustler may have an issue too, but they figured it out already...someone else on the other hand...well I've yet to hear even a suggestion as to what could be wrong. Hell I'm figuring more out about this deck then the engineer's are over there.

    On a side note, I just took the side baffle out of the deck, went and cut at my dump location with it. It left a nice manicured looking cut just like the ultra's used to! So basicly the thing that they changed on the deck (the baffle) is what is causing it to suck.
  4. puppypaws

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    I have the 28 efi on the 66" XR-7 Hustler with 47 hrs. on the mower and I did not even change the blades until it had 41 hrs. and the only reason I changed then was because it would not cut quiet as good at 15 mph as the new blades did. This mower cut Dallas grass yesterday with stems shooting up 16" or more and never left anything standing, when I would make the next pass I kept asking myself how is this mower cutting this clean because I had a 2005 27/60 that I promise could not perform like this. You will have to try it to believe what it can do because they are having trouble with the 60 " XR-7 leaving strips of uncut grass and I have "never" seen this mower I have leave anything period.
  5. lazer 46

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    I have the 60 Triton with a 28EFI. It seems to do well. About 60 hrs. on it now. When the lawn is dry the baffle is fully closed and it cuts high rass with plentyof power. When the grass is wet the baffle is open. In heavy thick grass it will still clump but not those hard clumps like my Ultracut deck has. After 5 hrs the mule drive had to be adjusted. After 20 hrs. it needed adjustment again and there was no more adjustment to be had. My dealer moved the deck ahead somewhat and that worked. I asked him if the deck was leveled properly which he said it was. It started to leave funny looking stripes and not cut correctly. The deck wasn't leveled properly. I followed the instructions in the book and did it myself. It leaves a great stripe now and cuts good. Doesn't leave any uncut grass. I've followed all the negative threads and I just can't believe the same mower with the same parts can cut so differently
  6. TLS

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    I have too, and it does nothing but confuse me.

    It does seem funny though that these two new decks XR-7 and TRITON both have good and bad feedback. It's also funny that one has a HUGE adjustable discharge baffle, and the other has none at all. :dizzy:
  7. tacoma200

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    Glad I got mine last year. Maybe they will have all this worked out by the time I'm ready to buy again. Very confusing. I cut some 10 day fescue growth today with the ultracut deck after it rained all morning and it looked like a carpet when I was done. (I'm not striping). No clumps or clogging and very smooth. So I'll stay where I'm at for now. I'm sure it's not the best mower in the world but with all the trouble I'm hearing about I'm just glad I have no problems.
  8. MTR

    MTR LawnSite Bronze Member
    from Florida
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    my last eXmark is what my signature says. Get Toro Turbo deck if you still want to hang around this camp. Turboforce is a lot nicer and very well accepted in market now. Next, Gravely or Scag. I know I have lot of confidence and satisfaction with mine.
  9. cajuncreole

    cajuncreole LawnSite Member
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    I had a 52" 27hp kohler and used to run double gators on my ultra cut. I just bought a Triton 66" 27hp kohler. I was hesitant to buy but dealer told me the redesign of the deck would give me enough power to match my old rig. At first it threw the deck belt twice within 10 hours, the last time eating it up. Dealer replaced and said it was a defective belt. I was having so much blow out I had to lower the front baffles all the way and that helped. I have an account which is an old pasture (10 acres) it cuts it beautiful when dry (full speed, or at least as fast as it will let me go with no stringers) but bogs down when trying to cut it in the morning dew, while in the shade.
    I really like the large discharge chute it throws out a lot of material. However it is laying some of the grass down, I believe this is due to the lower blade tip speed. It meets my needs but I do not have to manicure these accounts. I found it worked better with the two deck belt guards off as these were collecting grass and seemed to slow the belt speed down, anyway it runs with more power with them off.
  10. kc2006

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    Called exmark today in hopes to talk to Brian since I've dealt with him all along, but he was off today. Dang it Brian taking days off! haha.

    Anyway, talked with someone else they said talk to dealer and gave me the distributors number incase I have to go above the dealer. Called dealer up he's cranky because he's got some much work coming in and said he hasn't heard anything or any suggestions and flipped out on the engineer's. It was kind of funny he put it as "I said to the mfers why the f do you have to bring a deck out that you have no clue about but oh wow it cuts great where you demo'd it in florida, so sell the pos in florida and bring the ultracuts back" he's a good guy, swears alot but good guy. Still waiting to hear back from him, I told him I don't want the mower and I want a 28hp/60 ultracut instead. The other local dealer wants 9400 for that mower, so 800 dollar difference only.

    At this point I'm kind of mad that I lost this much money in gas/time/downtime with this machine and I'll in no way get compensated for it. But at least I'll be rid of the junk and have a good mower that sips fuel instead of gulps almost 2 gallons an hour.

    I was highly debating going with the hustler super mini 52" with 27 because it's so light that I bet I could pull off zero turns on residentials, but I'd rather go with the efi and save some money in fuel and have that suspension seat.

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