Is anyone running strictly hydro walkbehinds

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by Bassyarddog, Dec 11, 2017.

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    We are thinking of going back to all hydro walkbehinds for smaller properties and keeping a few older riders for the larger commmercial stuff only. We need to update our fleet and I think walkbehinds would be cheaper to maintain and get us pretty good production and there is no mower competition amongst employees. Is anyone running 60”-61” walkbehinds we were thinking about trying some because we run a lot of 61” riders. We are scag guys but we are open to other brands we always liked Exmark turf tracers but our local dealer sucks they don’t know how to work on anything and are full blown retail on price no matter how many units you want to buy. We live in a area where there is no dealer support so everything is at least an hour away for repairs you can’t do yourself or warranty work. Is anyone running Ferris fw 35 mowers we hear this is best bang for your buck. Is anyone strictly running mulch kits for weekly high end properties. Sorry for the long post but we would like to hear others opinions.
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    Yea, we strictly run them except for one 60" Lazer for wide open lots. Im actually selling the Lazer and just bought a Ferris z3 72" for that. But otherwise we run two TT 60s and two FW35 61s. Also two tthp 52s and an Encore 36. Cant really beat a 60/61 walkbehind for most properties in my opinion.
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    I've tried to make ZT riders and standers work, but always go back to my dual Hydro walks for cut quality and lower turf damage. I have a 52 Toro with loop controls that is my main residential walk behind. For gates and steep banks, I run dual hydro 44, 36, and 32 walks. The sit down ZT is reserved for large properties where I can hide the turn marks or more room to work the Y turns and vary the place. I'm going to demo a walker B series with 42" mulch deck to see if it can work in place of the 44 and 36 come Spring.
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  4. Turf Tracer

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    Yes 3 X 32” hydros and several 36” and Lots of 21”s

    Fast Very Very Fast on small props.

    Turning speed and reverse without rutting the key on small props and Nothing Beats Dual Hydro Walks.
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    Average human walk speed is 3 mph, my stander goes 8mph. Maybe on smaller properties I can see the walk behind being efficient, but on my lawns there is no contest on which is faster. Did a video review of my stander but beside it is the walk behind. Both have their pro's/cons but average lawns mowed per day with the walk behind were 15 while average lawns mowed per day with the stander were 20. You can pick up one now for less than $4,000. Toro doesn't even offer a hydro walk behind at this price...

  6. ghe

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    I have never heard of that brand
  7. ghe

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    Plus you can get a sulky
  8. Turf Tracer

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    Small props where you spend more time turning and reversing than going forward, Hydro Walks are much faster.

    Guys who dish out for Standers in pockets we target usually end up push mowing w/21”s.
  9. ghe

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    What do you mean guys who dish out for standers we target?
  10. Turf Tracer

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    Every year you see crews w/shiny new Stander or Standers on trailer. A few weeks in, they push mowing w/21”s.

    Have to do too many K turns w/standers and you end up having to run them Slower Than Walking Speed to avoid rutting. Especially in Spring. Adding weight over drive tires Not Good.

    No wide open areas here. All turns and reverse.
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