Is anyone using Outlook 2007 Business Contact Manager?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Vikings, Feb 4, 2007.

  1. Vikings

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    from canada
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    I would like to get user opinions also, has anyone used Microsoft Accounting?
  2. JRSlawn

    JRSlawn LawnSite Senior Member
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    I have never herd of it. I am looking for a good program I can enter all my contact info and keep my customers straight let me know how it goes.
  3. Lawn Simplicity LLC

    Lawn Simplicity LLC LawnSite Member
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    See my thread entitled " Free Microsoft Software". Its free. Give it a shot.
    Good Luck,
  4. fitzg2md

    fitzg2md LawnSite Member
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    depending on how powerful you want this software to be there are a couple options I have used. I first started with filemaker pro (its a database software that allows contact management as well as being VERY flexible). I then moved on to something called Sugarcrm. Its a freeware (free) software that offers contact relations management (hence crm). This program is awesome, though you install it on the backbone of your webserver, so its usable by any computer (with password of course). You can also have different users, track sales, phone calls, leads, all kindsa stuff. Comes in very useful. Unfortunately niether software is simple off the shelf install and go. Filemaker Pro is close to that, but still would take a day or so to understand the basics. SugarCRM is a bit complicated to get initially set up unless you know computers fairly well. Though for the price of free, you really cant beat it!-MF
  5. fitzg2md

    fitzg2md LawnSite Member
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    Another program I havent used in a long time, but I used to swear by it is called ACT. Nice software, install and go.

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