Is Aquascapes as good as they make themselves seem?

Discussion in 'Water Features' started by scooterbug311, Jan 31, 2008.

  1. scooterbug311

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    I just went to a class on the aquascape pond installs and out of the whole thing, i was left with only one question... Is the Aquascape way and products as a good and as easy as the sales guy make it seem?? Our company is really excited about moving forward in the water feature installs. We are really new at this and i just dont want to be taken by a "gimmick" or a get rich quick thing. So i would like all the feed back that i can get on Aquascape. We really want to go with them. We like the produce and the presentation. Help pond guys!!!

    TRBIGCREEK LawnSite Member
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    They are experts in marketing and have good products. But the question you have to ask is, are good products worth paying 25-35 % more from Aquascapes rather than saving money with someone else who also has good products. Savio, Atlantic, Easypro, Pondmaster, Little Giant all have good products as well. In some cases, depending on what you want for half the price.

    Are you looking to become a dealer or just buy ADI products from one of their licensed dealers?

  3. scooterbug311

    scooterbug311 LawnSite Member
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    thank you for your reply. i really dont know any other brands that are out there. i am just woundering if there are other ones out there. i am not looking to become a "dealer" but i was thinking of shooting for the cac thing they talked about. i want to use thier produces cuz i just want to build and design ponds. i want to know if you have any other suggestions on produces that you have used!!!! write back please.


    the bug
  4. BrandonV

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    i love savio's line, very professional stuff, if you're selling to homeowners aquascapes all the way... great marketing ok product
  5. Venturewest

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    I agree that their are many great pond manufacturers now that produce products and kits every bit as good as Aquascapes. I have had great luck with Savio's training and components. Wholesalers and distributors put together kits too with different combinations.

    Where are you in northern CO? I just got back from the ProGreen expo. Did you go? I can't believe how many good water feature designers and builders there are in Colorado.
  6. LedgedaleLawn

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    That is about where it ends. Some of their products are great. But some, like their smaller pumps are down right junk. Also don't every buy any "dealer" items like their show tanks, the rubbermaid stock tanks work great. Other than that the customers love the marketing gimmicks and fancy labels.

    TRBIGCREEK LawnSite Member
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    Think about it this way, the average pond project around here sells for $6,500
    of that $ 6,500 you've got about $1300-$2200 in stone another $1300-$2200 in pumps, underlayment, liners, skimmers, biological filters, check valves, misc. plumbing, beneficial bacteria, etc. Why pay $2,200 if you don't have to? This gives you the freedom to sell more jobs, make more money and provide a better product at a better price. E-mail me @ and I can point you in a better direction.

  8. scooterbug311

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    ft. collins and no i didnt make it to progreen this year. but why are you surprised at all the designers here? ponds and water features are big around here but there is not that many people that install it right. a lot of jerry riggin and duct tape. thats why i want people to tell me info on how to do in right. i would like to use pond produces in a pond install and not things that hold clothes or socks, you know what i mean? i understand that rubbermaid tubes and water bed liners and bla bla bla works but that is not what that stuff was made of. Am i wrong or right for feeling that way?
    reply back please.

    the bug
  9. Venturewest

    Venturewest LawnSite Senior Member
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    You are exactly right about using the proper components to build great features. You obviously know your market more than I do and you know how things are done. Even though Colorado is a huge market, and I know water features are big. (I lived there for several years.) I was still surprised at how many excellent high-end contractors there are.

    There was a job board at the expo. And there were so many big landscape companies that had offering for project managers, or crew leaders, supervisors, designers. I have researched many companies and checked out their websites and galleries. Some of them are absolutely incredible. Absolutely world class. I was talking to a company about working as a supervisor and they are working on a 1/2 million dollar waterfall right now.

    I am not saying that to discourage you. I think there is still plenty of room for good contractors to come in and build good features in the $5000 to $50000 range, if we are really good. Making the features appear natural in CO is key while still using sound construction.
  10. n2h20

    n2h20 LawnSite Senior Member
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    I would have to agree with most... NO!!!
    They have great marketing and great literature but thats about it.

    I have never installed their product nor do i ever want to. I maintain over 40 ponds and some, at least 10 have been built by AS installers. So i see their product and design in many different situations.

    I have replaced most of their pumps. replaced most of the skimmer "trap doors" and cursed at the AS ponds many times...

    I don't even agree with the whole gravel/skimmer idea. It's great if you have a pond that is shallow and in the middle of a grass field with no fish.

    Savio is the "cream of the crop" id say when it comes to skimmer design.
    Their pumps along with OASE, and PONDMASTER would be my first picks for in pond/submersible pumps.

    and im not sure but the reference to the rubbermaid fish tank.... RubberMaid makes some actual fish/show tanks or horse trough type containers that are half the price as the "AS show tanks" for and arm and a leg.

    But again they have a mean marketing campaign,,

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