Is being loyal to local dealer worth $525

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Uranus, Dec 29, 2006.

  1. Uranus

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    I have been pricing the exmark lazer 60" 31hp briggs and talked the 2 local dealers down some. I use the closer one for my parts and repairs. This dealer (dealer 1) in not known for giving the best deals and is a touch higher on prices but they are local and have treated me pretty well in the past few years. I know I can walk in and get someone to come out and look at a piece of equipment anytime I need. I went to the dealer 1 hour away (Dealer 2) and talked to them about the mower I wanted. Turns out that they placed an order with exmark and got 1/2 of it yesterday. Exmark sent them a 66" 31hp lazer that they didn't want but were willing to contact the rep to see if they could get me the 60" for a little less cuz of the mix up. To sum it up here are the prices I'm working with.
    Dealer 1 (closest) started off at $12,750 +5% tax =$13,387 and talked down only $250 + tax +$13,125
    Dealer 2 wants $13,300 total and talked down to $12,600 total.
    The difference between the 2 is $525.
    I went to sign the finance papers today at the dealer I use for repairs and told them I found a lower price but chose to be loyal to them and he took off the $250 for me and saw that an error was made on the finance papers so he would have to rewrite them and I could come back tomorrow and sign. While I'm in their office dealer 2 calls up and leaves a message on my phone saying that they will take off $200 from the quoted $12,800 cuz the quote was for a 66" not the 60" that I asked for. So now they are down to $12,600 out the door. So now what do I do. Do I stay loyal and over pay by $525 and have to explain to my local dealer that I'm backing out or do I buy from dealer 2 that I have only been to once. :confused: Also is it always like this trying to buy a new mower? Both mowers have ultra vac triple baggers
  2. MattsMowing3535

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    Wow that is a very hard decision. I think that I would probly stay with my local dealer but in the end it would be a very hard decision. The fact that you already had the finance papers going and then had to re-write them would deffinatly make me stay with my dealer.
  3. LCPullman

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    Given that situation, I'd definately go with the dealer you are more familiar with. Its closer. You know them and they have treated you very well in the past. I think it is well worth the extra money to get it locally and get the good service, etc.

    As a business man, I personally don't like customers who go "out of town" just because that other guy has slightly lower prices. So, when I'm the customer, I am willing to pay a little more to buy locally if I'm treated well and get good local service.
  4. Dunn's

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    Well I can't help you out to much, but if you are gonna squeeze every penny out of your dealer. Try to not put up any posts about your customers trying to squeeze you.We don't haggle our dealers and we don't let our customers haggle us. Also there aren't to many good dealers out there so you really wanna watch how you treat one who is treating you right. We unfortunately have to use a dealer we do not enjoy going to because most of them around here only like you when your buying. And hardly any of them sell the product we use. Sorry for being a jerk. But thats my .02 cents.
  5. pclawncare

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    I would stay with your local dealer that you already have a relationship with. Example when i was buyin my last walker i priced one from a town an hour away they made me a deal 400 less then my local dealer who i have bought all my other equipment through and services all my stuff. I had a belt break on it and for some reason they did not have it in stock. Anyway he loaned me a used walker he had bought on trade in to use for they day while they over nited the part. If i had gone out of town to buy my mower more then likely my dealer that does service for me would probably not feel so compelled to go out of his way to help me. So if i was down for that whole day it could have very well cost me 400 or more dollars and put me behind not to mention that if i have any problems at all i am at the front of the line for service. In my case i feel that the extra service and the business relationship is well worth my 400 dollars. If you sick with people that you already have good service and are happy with spend a little extra up front more often then not it will come back to you if not double
  6. Uranus

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    I dont think your being a jerk. I like it when people come from another angle. You have a good point. Some people see $500 and a big difference. I do/did. It is nice to save that kind of money when your spending 12 thousand dollars. But what is the difference in the monthly payment for 500 over 36 months. Minus interest 525 divided by 36 is 14 buck a month. 14 dollars is like an insurance policy. Like said above, what if it goes down and I need a loaner. I've spent $6000 dollars in his store this year on 2 cycle eqipment and repairs to the cooling system (radiator and water pump) this year alone. I know 7 of his employees by there first name and it feels like my own little Cheers (sitcom from 80-90's for you younger guys) when I need a part. Being solo this year it was nice to talk to someone.
  7. chuck bow

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    I went out of town about a hr away to save 800 bucks but the flip side to the rest of the story is i dont like the new local dealer at all ( my old scag dealer lost the line to a John deere mega store )_ Never has any parts in stock , commom belts pullys ect, and always has to have the parts shipped overnite to me which dont fly in my book , if you are going to be a dealer have parts in stock.It ceases to amaze me why the prices differ so much from dealer to dealer, bigger stores got to pay for the big fancy mega store they just built i guess
  8. lordmaximus240

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    sounds to me like you are pulling the same thing that lots of people on here like to whine about. I would not hesitate to pay more to my dealer who takes care of me and provides me with A+ service and treatment. its hard to find and means alot, especially to a solo like me with limited equipment.
  9. Uranus

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    Well since you brought up lowballing we know where it starts. It begins with or estimates to our customer, they save money/we lose money, then we try to save money at dealers on equipment so we save money/dealer loses money, Then we ALL know for a fact that the dealers try do save money when buying from the factory he saves money/factory loses money. So we all lowball. We do it and dealers do it too.
  10. Uranus

    Uranus LawnSite Bronze Member
    from Mass
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    And if you look back you will see that I went to my regular dealer to pay for it and there was an error on the paper work. I do intend to buy it from them too. Actually I'm going in a few hours to get it.

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