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is bigger better?


LawnSite Silver Member
my question is, i'm planning on buying a walk behind. i have 18 lawns right now. 5 of them are gated. would it be better for me to buy a 36 for the gated or go bigger for the other 13? which would be more efficient? i hear some people say go as big as your budget allows. i'd like to hear some feed back on those who use a 36 and those who went bigger.. all replies are appreciated.



LawnSite Senior Member
Central Ohio
You ultimately need two machines. A 36 for the gates, and a larger for outside. If I had to take one, I would probably take the 36. This is assuming the back yards are not a lot smaller than the front, hard to push mow. As you grow, you can purchase a larger machine. 36 inch machines mow better in the wet and clog less, due to two blades inline.


LawnSite Senior Member
Vancouver, WA
I've got a 36 w/b that can get through any gate on our route. I've also got a 42 front mount rider that can get through some gates but not all. Both have advantages. Use the 42 more often but the 36 is very handy.