Is business picking up everywhere else?

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by JDSKIDSTEER, Apr 11, 2010.

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    :hammerhead: Doesn't that just kill ya? The municipalities waste money like mad, our county has a hydroseeder and they hardly use it and I would bet some donuts I could be hired to do it cheaper.
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    Boy you have a lot to learn young man you haven't experienced any real work experience yet your a city boy and thats all you are. Born and raised in the city or I assume you are.

    You would last 5 minutes with the guys I have worked with your sorry ass would be down the road so fast your head would spin. The loggers I have worked with would take a shovel and smash you over the head. You do what your told and do it well.

    Like I said you don't have a clue your young you think your the best of the world. You got a lot to learn maybe if you get a smack in the head it maybe change your way of thinking. I don't think you have ever been screamed at or belittled by your boss. I learned with my old man and we have had it out punching each other. Working at the familly business is where I learned my skills in welding and mechanics and working around forest industries. I got to learn and expereince things from guys that took me under their wing and taught me the stuff they know.

    I'am well respected by the forestry and the excavation contractors plus I know people that work for the gravel mines that could probably get you a job but I don't think they want a useless city boy.

    I would be still pulling wrenches if I didn't have to make a choice between busting my azz working on trucks and sitting behind a desk. I chose sitting behind a desk maybe not the best choice but atleast I'am not leaving work covered in grease and cuts on my hands. The grease stops the bleeding. I have a screwed back and my knees give me trouble it is from working at a mechanic and as a welder something you can't do.

    You wonder why you can't find a job there is a reason why.

    I hope somebody beats the living **** out of you I think you deserve it you will definatly never get a job working for the contractors I know. One of them would send you home crying like a baby some of the others wouldn't even want you in their sight. You screw up once or don't do something right your going to hear about it.

    Trust me young man I'am not fake I don't post pictures on here I don't really need to. My old man was asking me the other day why I was taking pictures of some of the logging equipment we have in our yard for storage.

    I may complain about my job but that is from job stress it makes me feel like crap but it is a steady pay check and I may end up with having a heart attack but that is life.
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    Too long didn't read it all. I have a job. Regular pay cheques. I don't live at home, and I'm half your age. I also don't post in forums to which I have no work association. If you were half as hot as you say you are, you'd have an awesome job. Yeah I'm young and dumb, and have alot to learn. Least I didn't burn out. Dude you're probably such a ***** you get dick periods.

    Why don't you go find some BC Ferry forums and post in them. Atleast you'd be relevant.
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    again post number 7,749 of getting someone elses thread way off topic with pissing matches with GR and everyone else on the forum , god dam this gets old :hammerhead:..........half the reason i dont post too much on HEF anymore is all the threads getting closed or people getting banned over these types of arguments , on here the go on and on and on and on which gets old ,.........GR you talk like you are so experienced , its very narrow minded , cause you say such blanket statements at times then you spend days defending them , please grow up be a man about things and just let things go sometimes , if you want to have these pissing matches about whos right do it in your own threads , quit disrespecting these peoples threads
  5. bobcat_ron

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    Dinner, and an internet fight. God I love having no social life.
  6. Ozz

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    Hey... It's worse being a nerdly kid in GT...:cry: But yah, internet fights are funny.
  7. DirtMerchant

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    Hahaha, I really try and not pick fights. But GR just gives us canadians a bad rep. I try and avoid his posts. It's just always whining. And for everyone else, he's the only one I know who is like this.\

    I vow to try and stop/ sigh
  8. Gravel Rat

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    I'am not fighting you don't fight over the internet why bother all I'am doing is laughing.

    I think Dirtmerchant is just frustrated that he can't find a job working in a gravel mine or using his schooling he took on plant operation.

    Hey I made my choice and got out of the excavating/contruction industry some ways I'am glad I did and some ways I'am not sure if it was a good move.
    I had a oppertunity to go back driving and working as a mechanic but I passed it up because the owner of the company is dreaming there is no way he can gaurantee full time work.

    For us in British Columbia if the lumber sale deal goes through with China this province is going to be laughing. If B.C./Canada can supply lumber to China it will bring our economy back.

    Look at it this way there are excavation contractors I know have to make minimum 30 grand a month just to pay for the equipment. Now there is some stress these guys are worried. You have 3 hoes to pay for and 2 gravel trucks to pay for plus wages etc. One forestry contractor his pay roll is 30-40 grand a month his equipment payments are 100 grand a month.

    Nobody is paying their bills you have large developers they are holding back on paying their contractors becaus they are running out of money. These companies that are doing he private power projects in this province are not paying their bills they owe contractors 50-100,000 or more.

    The stress of paying for a skid steer or mini excavator doesn't compare to be paying on a Hitachi Zaxis 450 or a 350. Or your owed 100 grand for a job you did and the company that you did the job for is not paying or on the verge of going under because the investors backed out.

    One of the companies my brother works for lost a 50,000 dollar contract by a 1000 dollars another company bid 1000 dollars less they got the job.

    It is a dog eat dog market and you have to be willing to take a couple thousand to 100,000 dollar loss.
  9. J. Peterson Grading

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    You got out of the business, yet you still have an opinion?

  10. Premier Landscaping

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    Looking like it will be an extremely busy year here. We actually have two close but not quite committed jobs that, if they both do happen to go through we will have about the same amount of work as we had all of last year already. I'm hoping we get one, not sure if I even want both anymore. Most of our excellent economy in Minot is due to oil expansion in the western part of the state and the air force base expansion. So we have been extemely lucky and not really been hit at all by the rest of the slowdown. The main thing that has affected business here from the economic slowdown is out of state contractors coming here for some jobs.

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