Is competition healthy?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Stripeking, Sep 12, 2017.

  1. larryinalabama

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    Well you dont really want to compete for business, treat your customers like GOLD really helps out.
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  2. Matthews Lawn Care

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    If your service doesn't reflect your price then you will have issues. Sure, people will always try the cheap guy and they will switch a couple times a year. If those are the people your relying on then your in for a rough ride. However, if you cater to the higher end market, people that have the $ but not the time or the want to mow themselves, a price that reflects excellent work and superior cutomer service will eventually beat that lower price guy. Doesn't happen overnight tho, takes a little bit of inconsistency and poor customer service before that ideal homeowner switches. As long as you give them the best service, the price becomes less of a factor. Atleast that's how it is around here. I don't usually see the cheapest guy in my neighborhoods and when I do he isn't there longer than a season.
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    I don't think its unhealthy, and you can also meet and befriend your competition and maybe learn something or they could be there for you if you are ever in a bind. I joined a local Facebook with several LCO's in my town and we try once a month to have a get together. Since I've been in the group there has been morning breakfast get together, and a bowling night. Among that group there are also irrigation, fertilize, and tree crews.
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    In the service industry, if you're responsive and dependable then you'll have very little competition.
  5. Grassholes

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    There is a difference between competition and an over saturated market. Tons of companies out here but most of them suck. Good news is that it is easy to compete by just doing what you say you are going to do.

    If there is no standard then there is no bar. If there is no bar then there is not really a solid demand for your services unless you find yourself in a completely untapped market which is rare. That does not really happen much in this business. The only equivalent I can think of with landscaping is if a new huge subdivision goes up in the middle of nowhere.
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    Competition is good for the consumer. I don't see how it is good for us. I am going to do a good job irregardless of the competition. Back when I first started there was not nearly the competition there is today. I was covered up with good calls every week off my little ad. I felt very secure when it came to cost of doing business and living price increases. Now I don't even bother to advertise. Depend on word of mouth. Customers covered up with flyers. Can make unreasonable demands. I have to hold steady on the prices because flyers say I am over charging as it is. They will do it half for what I am doing it for......
    I think your boss just didn't want to show any fear since there is nothing he can do about you starting your business anyway.
    My market is saturated. I quit worrying about it. Just do my own thing. Too saturation makes a difference, I agree.
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