Is compost enough for a vegtable garden?

Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by dishboy, Apr 25, 2009.

  1. dishboy

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    I built a couple large raised beds ;15X4 two feet high for my wife to grow veggies. In these boxes I filled about 2/3 full of soil from sod that has completely composted. In the remainder I blended the soil with about two yards of leaf/grass compost.
    Will I need to supplement with more N for vegetables with alfalfa or soy meal or is the compost enough. So far almost everything is up and doing well.
  2. Smallaxe

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    If you have 2 feet of fertile soil heavy on the OM the chances are pretty good that you shouldn't need much additional. But I usually do a fresh horse manure tea drench around the plants b4 they get too large, then mulch, just to be sure.
    Add something to the surface for a mulch and thus continue the addition of new stuff to your soil for the course of the season.
  3. treegal1

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    yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if its good compost and has what the soil/ plants need...........

  4. ICT Bill

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    That is a lot of lettuce !
    Mine are less than 6 or 8 inches high right now
    Sunflowers look great too

    All that bending over, you need a garden weasel. I don't use them I just like to say the name
  5. treegal1

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    garden weasel?? does it look for bugs??? yes i have one, I use it to scratch the dog, its a joke for the garden. try a Swiss hoe or a plaka( large Indian hoe )

    the best cure is prevention!!!!!!!!
  6. dishboy

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    That's why we built the boxes, we can sit on the edge and weed without stooping:) The wood came from a redwood deck a client removed.
  7. Kiril

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    A.K.A hula hoe

    amen sista

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