Is Dodge Ram the Best Plow Truck??????????

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    I was recently looking for a plow truck, I am new to the business, I have two questions for anyone who can help, but first, I am from the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Area, I went to a number of truck dealerships, the Dodge salesman said their truck is the best because of the suspension system in the from enables the plow load to distribute it more equally as opposed to other models so I ask you this:
    1. Is the Dodge Ram Truck the best truck due to its suspension system?
    2. What options are recommend for a commercial plower that does parking lots (not to large, like a drug store etc), driveways etc?
    Thanks Guys and Gals (If any)
  2. 75

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    Hmmm...........I have a feeling any of the "Big 3" dealers will tell you theirs is the best truck, and they all have their good & bad points. Sorry everyone, but I have to admit I'm a wee bit cynical when it comes to dealers! (No brand wars please! ;) )

    With regard to distributing the load from plowing, the plow's mounting system has a lot to with that too, as does the mount height - too high or too low can cause problems.

    As far as options for what you intend to do, here are some ideas: Get at least a 3/4 or 1-ton truck (doesn't have to be a dually) with automatic transmission and a good auxilliary trans cooler - auto trans because shifting can get old fast with a lot of back-and-forth work.

    Pretty well all the people here who've tried a V-plow say they'd never go back to a straight blade, so the V may be a good choice if you have to buy a plow anyway.

    And, for tons of info click on the "Search" link in the top right corner of the Lawnsite home page, then enter your keyword for the search. You'll probably find a lot of answers to your questions in previous discussions - try "V-plow" and "Dodge" for a start.
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    i feel that a ford is a very good option and is proven well but the new alison trans ofered by chevy might have ford beat i also feel that a dodge is probably the least affective of the top three all thow they all have good and bad sides

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