Is e-mail a legally binding contract?



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I'll add this for reference:

To protect yourself, there are a few things you should be sure to include in every contract.

•Parties to the contract. Include the legal names and addresses of all parti

•Signatures. You will want to include the signature, typed name, and title of each signatory as well as the date signed for each signatory.

Remember, the more precise the wording of a contract is, the less open it will be to interpretation and dispute.
Thats Doc. I have followed you posts since I started reading lawn site in 2016 as I noticed you are from BC. I do keep all emails with any client we did work for, thousands of emails going back to 2017 now.

The scope of work is definitely a big thing, as I noticed many people don't seem to read the breakdown.

The problem I have had with a few people is, if we forget something on the quote, even though I clearly list each task and material we quote for, sometimes people think they deserve it included for free.