IS efco equipment any good?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Green Machine Mowing, Jan 15, 2011.

  1. Green Machine Mowing

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    I haven heard much about them, so far I'm not impressed with their website, what do you guys know about them?
  2. lawnpro724

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    Great equipment! I have used their hedge trimmers which are a 97 models without a problem. Their engines are the smoothest of any other piece of small equipment I have and they have to power to cut through anything. The Efco trimmers I have, have withstood very heavy commercial trimming for over 13yrs and are still going strong. Their bullet proof! I have also used their chain saws and they are very good as well. The downside to Efco would be their weight. The trimmers I have are 30" and are heavier than my other trimmers which I have already had to replace. They are built to last when other trimmers are not. They are made in England and there not as popular as other brands are here in the U. S. A but they are a quality machine. I have been very happy with my Efco equipment.
  3. js_landscape&design

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    Green Machine Mowing,

    I have a few pieces of Efco equipment with mixed reviews. I have the 62cc backpack blower, a low-grade commercial string trimmer that the dealer gave me, and their smallest consumer chain saw...I believe its a MT 3700 model (approx. 35cc). The equipment manufacturer is in italy, not England...but there is also a supplier in Wooster Ohio.

    First off, the backpack blower is excellent...good power, the unit is well made, and the plastic blower nozzle has help up incredibly to daily use (very little scratches, fading, etc.). It also has a well made throttle assembly...compared to the Redmax EBZ8150 that I have. Best feature on the unit is how smoothly the power engages/disengages. It's fairly quiet yet strong enough to blow leaves off the lawn. Only issue I've had with the blower is once the cog showed signs of wear, the throttle trigger would stick. Took it to the dealer and its taken two months to get replacement parts for the unit. They did however, replace the entire throttle assembly and carb to hopefully prevent any farther issues. Haven't used the blower since to really comment if its been effective.

    The string trimmer has decent power, but it's very heavy. I don't like the quard on it, but when somebody gives u a $300 trimmer, its hard to complain much.

    The chainsaw is dynamite. It's compact, moderate weight, and is the easiest saw to operate I have ever used. Starts first pull and runs like a dream all the time. Chains last and I got a case with the unit for $150 new. Best part about the equipment is their "5 Yr. No Fear" warranty...even on consumer equipment used in commercial setting, although that may depend more on your dealer. If customer service/parts supply were on par with anything else like redmax, husqvarna, sthil, etc..I would own all Efco products. If you have a good local dealer, I would recommend trying a pc. of their will be pleased. Good luck with it.
  4. FLAhaulboy

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    Efco has a "rotating" head on their power pole saw unit:

    Adjustment of pruning head: from 0° to 90° (5 positions)

    My Stihl Kombi pole saw has a fixed head & I was thinking bout ordering a Efco pole saw head and add it to my kombi pole.

    See photo at this link:

    I wonder why Stihl doesn't come up with such a great idea?
  5. Robert Pruitt

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    The guys on here swear by their equipment,so you will have all kind of of post. I prefer the orange stuff.
  6. Robert Pruitt

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    They do have a 135 decaded. hedge trimmer. i would thank that the hedger you are talking about would be hard to handle.
  7. Patriot Services

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    Northern Tools carries them but I would never let their mechanic touch it. Parts availabilty would be a deal breaker for many.
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    I have the brush cutter from efco. I found I was always renting one and finally asked how much - gave me an awesome deal and bought it. We have had great luck with it, powerful yet light weight and easy to use for a few hours when needed.
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    here's what I posted last year.....

    09-03-2010, 10:20 AM
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    efco trimmer and blower
    just purchased an efco ds 2600 4 stroke trimmer, holds .095 string, and she's tough. like what most say about the 4 stroke, she's a tad bit heavier. here's what funny, my neighbor across the street, came out to see my new toy, thought it was electric lol lol.... he couldnt hear it until I gunned it's very quiet,she's a long straight shaft, and has cutter blade, and power pruner capabilities, she's very well balanced. I got a blower too, it's hand held and a 2 cycle. will post pics as soon as I learn how lol.. be safe... gunner

    trimmers got about 6 hrs on her now. it's loosening up good. starts right up, and starts on the first pull. power is awesome. I cant get over how quiet she is. forgot to mention the blower is an efco SA 3000 model 1.86, maximum air volume is 372 cfm's, maximum air speed is 157 mph. weighs 9.9 lbs. the trimmer is a 25 cc 11,200 rpms WOT, dont know the weight of it. compared to the 2 cycle trimmers you can tell it's more....
  10. Green Machine Mowing

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    Sounds like its really good stuff. The reason I ask is I am purchasing/reopening a small engine repair shop, I will also sell handhelds and some other equipment. I am deciding on what lines I will carry/have available to order. Whats the deal with parts for them, a few of you guys have mentioned them being difficult to come by.

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