Is Ford failing?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by supercuts, Nov 24, 2011.

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    ive been a die hard Ford guy up until I bought my 08 superduty new and currently all 4 of my trucks are ford superduty diesels. Lately I've been talking to guys who have said after 20 years of fords they will not buy another. whats going on with them? Ive heard soooooo many stories about ford not covering warranty issues and blaming it on things like fuel or water and not covering things on brand new trucks including mine. Stories that Ford is flat out denying warranty claims they should cover. whats going on with them?? Ive also heard tthey are not paying out claims ordered by the state, so much so that the AG is getting involved.

    Im done with fords. if i wouldnt loose so much money id dump mine in a heartbeat. anyone else heard about these issues?
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    My 2 cents. My father is a retired service manager of a Dodge store but still does paperwork mostly before the shop opens which is mostly seperating out RO's for payroll and warranty claims. Since he has retired the dealership bought out the Ford dealer and now is combined. We talk about the shop and how things are going. By conversation it seems like they more warranty work on the Ford diesel's then the Dodge side. Never speaks about warranty declines, actually talks about how high the claims are.

    It maybe a local dealer thing. If a dealer has a higher than average claim rate they are harder to get through. Just like they "sell" you the preventative maintanence they need to sell Ford warranty the same way. The service writer might not word it right or not even try if he has been declined for similiar claims (which isn't right). Also a tech might sway the service writer the wrong way as they typically get paid better by customer pay. Might just be a bad tech.

    Ford in general is better off than Dodge or Chev. Ford has had their diesel issues and spark plug issues but their truck line is pretty well besides those items. Water in fuel can be a issue but very subjective also. Did they test the fuel? Was the water seperator not drained/filter replaced? They need to prove that was the issue not just say it.

    Just sounds like more of a dealer issue. Talk to the service manager about things and see if he makes it right (he can refund you prior repairs if he thinks it was b/s). If you still have warranty issues get the regional rep involved.

    Disclaimer: I use to own 2 99 Superduties (1 diesel and 1 v10) both with over 200,000 miles. Now I run a 05 Chev and 09 Chev (6.0 gas). Each brand has it's pro's and con's.
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    I can't say much in the way of not honoring their word for warranty work and such, but from talking to local Ford (heavy duty) owners and here on Lawnsite, In my opinion Ford seems to be dropping the ball on their quality. Anyhow, i know this isn't 100% on topic but it's indirectly related i think. Anyhow, just my thoughts.
  4. TriCityLawnCareLLC

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    Owner at a local auto care here says he used to work for Ford in the service department. He say's he refuses to drive them due to these types of issues.

    Just as a side note, Chevy won 2011 motor trend truck of the year.
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    There was a spell of Ford's having issues with diesels for a while. The 2011 seems to be good. Both the gas and diesel.

    People who drive a certain brand be it Ford, GM, Dodge will have one foul up or whatever and declare they won't buy another one. That has been going on for years. So for someone to say that I usually don't put a lot a stock in their statements. If it is a widespread problem yes, I take notice. Brand name is moot.

    same thing with Motor trend. Are they looking for a pickup to be used as a pickup or as something for doing real work?
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    I forgot, I did have a warranty claim for my door lock because a piece of plastic was stuck in the door panel from manufacturing. 5 minute repair.
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    Im not trying to be that guy, but man oh man give it a rest ont the Fords already. It seems like every month you have a new thread bashing the fords. Sorry you had such bad luck with them, but maybe its time to move on.
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    I think they all have their pros and cons just like mowers and everything else we use. I've had good luck with both Fords and Chevys.
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    X2...sell them and move on if you hate them so much

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