Is Golf In the Dumps?

Discussion in 'Superintendent Forums' started by LarryAylward, Jul 25, 2014.

  1. ztman

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    Not an elitist, I just appreciate the game and its history. The new fad golfers are kinda like the lowballers that people complain about. They get in for a short time, do some damage, and give up while hurting the legit people. Years ago I caddied at a local club that allowed caddies to play on monday. You came to appreciate the game when you come up through the ranks and were able to play the nice courses
  2. larryinalabama

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    I remember "sneaking on" courses on Mondays. I think they have all been open on Mondays for years now.

    I miss the days of 1 Irons and Persimmon Woods.
  3. AZ LawnSprinklerDrip

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    I can't understand why golf courses dump millions of gallons of water on courses that nobody plays at this time of year anyway.
    They rip it up and overseed in a couple of months. Any ideas?
  4. larryinalabama

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    Because if you don't have greens no one plays.
  5. AZ LawnSprinklerDrip

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    So then just water the greens. But those get over seeded in Sept. /Oct. too. I am not a golfer so I really don't know the intricacies of it. One client I have lives on Wigwam GC, Another on Palm Valley GC. Another on Raven @ Verrado, I have seen 1 golfer in the last month
  6. RussellB

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    Golfers are stealthy.
  7. jlrvt

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    But look at Rory, he's got a moment here to take it and run with it. First, being in a relationship with an international level competitor, then breaking it off, then winning the Claret at the Open. I know he's not American, but he's using his position to perk up golf.

    Dufner has his chance right now too. We need to elevate a few of these players to celebrity status to get the general public's attention back.

    And we are about to see the game played out internationally at the Olympics. Certainly that will give the game a new look as well.
  8. Charles

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    We will just have to wait and see whether Rory can be another Jack Nicklaus or Tiger Woods. Jack also attracted many to watch and play golf. Jack also had better consistent competition ie Lee Trevino, Tom Watson, Kite, etc Golf is not the only games that are suffering lack of super stars. Both baseball and football are not churning them out either. In the old days baseball had Reggie Jackson, Babe Ruth, Hank Arron and many others. The NFL had Roger Staubach, Walter Payton, Too tall Jones, Randy White, Lawrence Taylor and many more. I watched teams from other cities just to see these Super Stars do their thing. Same thing with Tennis. I never watch Tennis now that John McEnroe. Jimmy Conners, Ivan Lendl and others are gone. Female tennis had its stars that attracted you watch too
  9. RussellB

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    I think it is just the opposite. There is so many superstars that very few can rise above that plateau.
  10. AI Inc

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    It hit a spike in the late 90's and many courses were built. Too many in my opinion. Also keep in mind. Its a luxury and even thou the gvmt says otherwise, some parts of the country are still in a ressession.

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