Is he too young to teach?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by HighGrass, Jul 8, 2006.

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    My 12 year old nephew came up on Thurs and Fri to go around with me on some of my accounts. So, since he asked, I tried to teach him how to use a line trimmer. He's pretty strong and could start it himself (Echo GT200) but since I don't have kids of my own, I wondered if it's too soon or not and here's why.

    I gave him about a 10 minute explanation and another 10 minutes showing him the actual use of it. He went around my lawn and practiced on areas that I had left from mowing the day before. So, here come's day one and no matter how I tried to tell him, every once in a while, he....well....sucked at it. I would show him how to do it and what it should look like, but almost every lawn I had to go back and show him patches that he left. I even gave him an out the first day but he said he wanted to stay in the truck but things even after the second day never seemed to get much better.

    I suppose I could go right into a "When I was 12" story but honestly, I think this kid has XBOX rot. PS2 rot. Or maybe even TV rot in his brain.'s funny how they can master those crazy games but they can't even tie their own shoes. Come to think of it...he even left me a "Mr Hanky" ion the comode!

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    well, when i was 12 i was running a exmark 36'' belt drive walk behind, murry push mower, and sthil trimmer doin a few neighbors lawns for extra cash. my dad showed me how to run the equipment but i taught myself how to get a good cut. i guess you could say i was to young but i always did a good job, but i also never sat around playing games, if i wasent in school i was doing some kind of work, either cutting a few lawns or helping dad out, i was always doing something.

    so no, in my book he isnt to young to teach, maybe he just isnt interested in this line of work, some people just arent.
  3. HighGrass

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    Well, he's been bugging his mother all winter that this is what he's wanted to do this summer. I figured I woul dhave him up three days at a time and see how it worked out. He's taking next week off and then he'll be back the week after that. I'm like you. I was either outside or in school. I had one "account" when I was about ten. $7 a week. :weightlifter:
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    hes old enough for him to teach others on here.
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    Good question. My grand was also 12 when he started going with me on a few accounts. Course it depends on how big and strong they may be. Mine was fairly small frame and I have never tried him with the trimmer. Don't think he could handle that just yet. What he could do though was strap that backpack blower on and go to town with it. Did a pretty good job, saved me some steps. I really thought it might be too heavy for him but he said, "no POP it weighs about the same as my book bag."

    So, don't try him on something he can't master pretty quickly or not be physically able to handle. I vote for the blower as a place to start. Can also pick up pine cones, litter, etc. while waiting for something to blow. Also big jobs that will require me to be there more than a couple of hours I don't encourage him to do with me. Just gets boring for him.

    But it sure is fun to have my grandson go with me occasionally.
  6. bill w

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    Putting him on the blower is good. Trimming is one of those things that the better YOU get, the more critical you become...the more critical you are, the better you become. I'd let him practice on my yard and handle the blower on customers yards.
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    My son was riding on a velke when was 10. Couldn't operate a trimmer though untill he was 13. Take your kids out and teach them to work. That's one of the benefits of being self-employed.
  8. garth1967

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    i hope you are not talking about me.

    i dont think he is too young.depends on how you teach him.the student can only be as good as the advice........teach him safety and then...........oh yeah safety and then more safety and dont expect to much to quick

  9. prostriper

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    Your never too young to learn. I've been mowing lawns since I was tall enough to push a mower. Just go a little easy on him at first and don't plan on taking him out on any "big days". I'd try and keep him to a 3-4 hour day once or twice a week until he realy gets the hang of it. Good luck with everything.
  10. Splicer

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    8 years old pushin my Dads Lawn Boy:weightlifter:

    First Time Cutting Grass - 8 years old.jpg

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