is health insurence a waste of money?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by bobbygedd, Mar 18, 2004.

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    And still after all those taxes, WE STILL have to protect your butts in wars!!! That Canoe and Horse just ain't cuttin it anymore :)
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    Well I personally believe insurance is a ripoff but you can't stand to be without the way....Bobby, I heard you love feet.
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    I went with the catastrophic health ins. plan. $40 a month the only thing is my deductible is $4,000. So I'm covered in case of a bad accident or illness, amd minor visits I will have to pay myself.
  4. MLI

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    Not having health Ins is SUCH a GAMBLE! I was in the same frame of mind as you folks.....ahhhhhhhhh why spend all that $$ on something I'll never use....I can put that $$ towards a vacation home or something. Well let me give you some personal experience. When I got married my wife carried the health Ins. we were gonna have a baby, so I figured hey I'll just get the health ins through my business(I needed the writeoff anyhow). The plan I have is $940 per month(no dental) for a family. Everything is going as planned....I had made 2-3 payments on this new wife was due anyday. The birth of my daughter was amazing(my first) She was beautiful, playful, never cried etc etc. As the months went on people would notice that this baby was very quiet for typical newborn, always seemed to be in good mood(not a bad thing right?) As more time passed we began to notice that she wasnt progressing physically like most children and still wasnt crying. My wife works with early child intervention and suspected something was wrong. We took her to Childrens Hospital for testing....long story baby was diagnosed with whats called Angelmans symdrome its very rare.(like 5000cases in all North America. My daughter will need physical....speech theropist for the rest of her life....just as we got use to this news....turned out the baby wasnt putting on enough weight.(more test) Come to findout she had whats called a PDA meaning there was a valve in her heart that didnt close at birth(unrelated to her symdrome)and that to much blood was being pumped with her little heart than was necessary causing the heart to swell, and burn calories to quickly. Next thing we know where back in the hospital for heart surgery!!! MIND YOU THIS WAS WHILE MY WORK SEASON WAS IN FULL GEAR!!
    Now for the good news...Molly is 17 months old now and doing well. The heart is taken care of.....the Angelmans will be a battle for you can imagine the cost of all this is through the roof and then some. THANK GOD FOR HEATH INS....youll always whine, ***** , and moan till one day YOU are the one that needs it. Pray to GOD you have it ...when something unexpected happens to you or your family. Something like this situation could destroy your financial life for ever! She's here today, and doing well BECAUSE I had health Ins, with it, she got the best that our modern medical society can provide!
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    yes missy, i love feet. do you have any? if you do, can i see them?
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    well the last i checked i had two.....but not sure i should share such a valuable possession??
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    mli, thang god your daughter is doing well, this is great news. missy....those feet, are they big?
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    John Alden has some pretty good plans. They run about a hundred and twenty bucks a month and covers all major medical and doctors visits and prescripitons, but the copays are high. Like thirty bucks for doctors twenty for prescriptions, two hundred for major medical. If I were you I would look into them, AFLAC or NASE ( national association of self employed) Start hitting the phone books you would be suprised what you could come up with.
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    How big is too big as far as feet go Bobby??
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    join your local
    chamber of commerce............. great rates

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