Is iron in order in this program.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Ocutter, Jan 27, 2001.

  1. Ocutter

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    Im going over last yrs. fert. program. At the beginning of the dryer part of the season AND towards the end of fall I noticed some lawns looked less than ave. as far as color goes. Im going to add iron to my program. Should I add it in the early summer, late fall, or both?
    Im trying to keep the turf lush and green as long as I can. Already I have 2 pre-emergent aps, 2 post- emergents, fall fert., and lime. Thanks for your input.
  2. Barkleymut

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    I always apply 5-10-31 w 10% FE during the first half of June. If you have the capabilities an app once a month during the growing season of liquid iron will turn a so so lawn into a great lawn.
  3. Maybe you should review the amount of rainfall that fell during the time in question?

    Nothing helps during drought conditions.
  4. Ocutter

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    Stone- Most of the lawns I do have irrigation. I want my stuff to look good so I did take that into account. But then again stress of any kind isnt good.
    Barkleymut- One app of the 10% iron works good huh? I'll see if Lesco has something close. I'll be using liquid. Is that better, worse or equal to granular in residual value. Thank you both.
  5. I use a liquid app of iron to give a quick green up to lawns. It is quick on the uptake as it is a foliar application. I use the Ferromec put out by PBI Gordon.
  6. John DiMartino

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    I always put down a shot of iron down a day or so before a tournament,the next day the greens are deep green and have a luster to them like you wouldnt believe.It really does help,and is worth your time if you are looking for that extra touch.
  7. JimLewis

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    We use iron in the wet seasons mostly to combat moss. But there is little reason to apply iron the rest of the year. It should come in your fertilizers. If it doesn't you should seriously look into using a fertilizer that does.

    If your lawns are not looking green, it's usually not because of a lack of iron. Iron is always a short term fix. The green that results is short lived. If you want good looking, lush, green lawns, you have to have an aggressive fertilization program. Ever wonder why lawns that are maintained by ChemLawn, Prograss, etc. always look so lush and green? It's the fertilizer program they use. They have a very aggressive approach to fertilizing. We use a similar program with the lawns we maintain. And not one lawn we maintain looks anything less than nice and green, ever.

    Our policy is to use iron mainly as a moss killer and secondarily as a short term green while fertilizer is taking hold. But I never use it exclusively to keep lawns green.
  8. bob

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    Make sure when your done your fertilizer app. that you blow off the sidewalks and driveway. Otherwise when wet, iron will stain.

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