Is it always something, or is it just me?

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Envy Lawn Service, Feb 8, 2006.

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    OK the only thing that will knock out an ear infection like that is Penicillin and alot of it...this can kill you you is all connected right there and the infection can get into your brain and flat kill you.I insist you get to a DR. immediately and get on some VERY strong Antibiotics ,forgot ammocicilline tell them you want Penicillin and take it in 500mg at a time tell it is all gone.Whoever did your dental work was an idiot and should have made sure All the infection was gone before the EVEN messed with your tooth.You did have the tooth taken care of right?
    Any time they do dental work where there was infection and are gonna yank a tooth..they should have cleared the infection 1st then had you take 500mg Penicillin 2 hours before they pulled the infected tooth.DO IT TOMORROW!GO TO A DR!This can be life threatening now listen to me!Or I will be pissed off at you!And you aint never felt that kind of pain envy!
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    Listen to sheshovel and get it taken care of. She makes a good point, you may risk the infection becoming much worse.
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    bumping this back up so he see's it is serious!
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    Hey sheshovel,

    Doing much better health wise now.
    Long story short... My treatment needed the aid of the Decongestant + Antihistamine.

    I'll explain the rest in a bit.

    But no, I did not realize it could get that serious though....
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    OK sheshovel, here is the entire short story novel because I think I got you confused.

    I was diabetic for some time without knowing it and about the time I found out I had a tooth to crack... right top just behind the fang tooth. Went in for full X-rays. Basically that tooth just died and was cracked thru the core. So with the condition of the tooth and my health, the only option was extraction and a later replacement.

    But before I could get back in for the extraction it abcessed when the tooth cracked worse. Never been through it and didn't really know anything because I had never had a cavity in my life. So when he went to extract it, I was like "where the hell is the numbing?"... So I was given the max amount and I was still like 'where the hell is the numbing???"

    But at this point I was in such pain something had to give. So being 'dumb' to these things and in so much pain already, I suffered having the tooth extracted with no numbing effect. Pure torture.

    After the fact, I ended up on antibiotics. The infection cleared quickly, but due to the diabetes I did not heal well. So I got dry socket with that being a top tooth. That was torture also, but it eventually healed.

    Shortly thereafter I got "phantom pain" which came and went. A month or two later, I got NEW PAIN farther back in the top right. So off to another dentist I went. Same freakin deal as before. But this dentist stopped, put me on antibiotics and referred me to an oral surgeon. This was January '03.

    I got infection out of control bigtime!!!! Next thing I knew I had 9 absessed teeth all at one time and we could not get the infection under control. I took so much antibiotics that all the good bacteria in my body was dead. I had thrush and everything else.

    All the teeth but the one I had went to be seen for were all in perfect condition, but had died inside. I guess this was a diabetic complication from a period of unknown raging high blood sugars. I guess blood supply was cut off to the small capilaries inside the teeth that nurish the pulp, ect. DENTIST #1 HAD TO KNOW THIS AT THE POINT OF X-RAY. So he either failed to see and diagnose this, or just flat out failed to inform me while the teeth could still be saved pre-infected.

    So I guess this one got absessed and all the rest did too. So I had such a raging infection, with 9 absessed teeth, ear infection in both ears for the first time in my life and sinus infection. I had to live with this pain for 3-4 months while attempting to clear the infection enough for oral surgery. Those who know what 1 is like for a weekend just can't imagine when I tell them....

    So here I was, all 4 wisdom teeth, plus 4 top molars, and 1 lower directly below the first extraction. Given my condition and the circumstances, attempting oral surgery to remove the 4 wisdom teeth and then 5 root canals and crowns was just not a feasible option to take a risk on. So while I was clear enough I had to just go ahead with the oral surgery and extraction of 9 teeth.

    I believe all this could have been avoided at the first dental visit after the X-rays.
    But I have been clear since orally except for occasiona Phantom toothaches.
    But continue to get the ear infections now, and that's when they started.
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    That 1st dentist screwed up big time and you have a lawsuit.A dentist should NEVER extract a tooth when there is infection present..the reason why is that when this is done is spreads infection throughout your body and later on in life itr can cause you all kinds of problems,it can also kill you.I would talk to a lawyer aboput this becaues that dentist has compromised your whole immune system and your future health any good dentist can tell tou I am correct. this is further complicated by your Diabetic state.Yes this all could have been avoided..your 1st dentist should not be out there practicing medicine on others and you need to document everything and get a good lawyer..he deserves to be sued.
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    Envy, have you ever thought of consulting one of those holistic doctors? The ones I am referring to are the type that look at the whole body system, and figure out if your diet or environment is causing you to weaken like this, and then prescribe certain plant remedies that aim to restore the balance you have lost. There are ways to restore your good bacteria after antibiotic overuse. Often times there may also be an acute mineral deficiency in your body that wreaks havoc until that one or more minerals gets replenished. I try to avoid mineral deficiencies by taking a balanced mineral supplement every day, and making sure I only use sea salt in my diet. Sea salt is better than rock salt because it contains trace amounts of the 93 elements, and helps you achieve a better balance of minerals in your bloodstream.
    There is something to those native american remedies and medicine that modern science seems to overlook. They prescribe medicines for specific problems rather than using a holistic approach and fixing the entire system. Just my thoughts. I hope you get well and wish you the best of luck in whatever you decide to do regarding the business.

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